I Have A Theory…It Could Be Bunnies!

Plot bunnies, that is.

I have been bunnied SO many times this year.  This time it was a past bunny that reared up to go RAWR! on my drive home last night.  Siri and I were getting to know one another, and I was teaching her to understand my southern.  After several misunderstandings (not the least of which was my trying to tell a friend via text about Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Boys, which Siri spit out as “raping boys”–REALLY?), I finally got quite a few notes down about it on my phone.  It’s one of those unfortunately timed plot bunnies, as it’s to do with the Civil War and Vicksburg, and there’s no POSSIBLE way I could get it researched and written in time for the 150th anniversary of the Siege of Vicksburg next year.  So I’m safe. But a little sad, because it’s an awesome story (the bones of it anyway).

In other fabulous news, I finished my fight scene yesterday and am half through the scene following.  Which means that once I finish it, I have the epilogue.  And then I’m DONE.


I’m SO ready to dive into something new.

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