WSA: Save Your Work

So we are all tiptoeing around at work this morning.  Boss is about to go nuclear, and it’s all her own fault.  We’ve told her, time and time again, to always SAVE YOUR WORK and close it at the end of the day.  And shut down your computer (because we are on network drives and things get hinkey if they go down while the computer is still on).

Does she listen?  Of course not.

So last night she basically committed the mother of all tech sins in terms of preventable mistakes and she left UNSAVED WORK open ON THE NETWORK DRIVE and just went home.

Of course the network drive went down last night.  The files are corrupted.  Nothing else will save.  A reboot is imminent.  It’s gonna be bad.

None of us are dumb enough to say “I told you so.”

A friend of mine suggested we get her a plaque that reads:

Jesus saves.  You should too.

I’m thinking it’s too soon…

All this to say: SAVE YOUR WORK, YO!

4 thoughts on “WSA: Save Your Work

  1. You know, when I lived in Turkey, and this was ten years ago, the internet there was still choppy. Screens would freeze and blank out on you at a moment’s notice. So I got into the habit of hitting CtrlA and CtrlC before I hit send on *anything* (emails, blog comments, what have you).

    I’ve been doing it all this time and every once in a while am oh so grateful for that two second finger movement; whenever a screen goes blank or a page won’t load or WordPress won’t recognise my comment or Chrome up and dies and I might have lost everything — except! all I have to do is open a new window or note pad or whatever I want and hit CtrlV. Good old clipboard always works.

  2. I save EVERYTHING. I’ve heard so many horror stories of how writers have lost a whole manuscript, and it always made me want to cry. I don’t know what I would do if I lost something like that.

    My boss forgets where he saves stuff, but at least he does.

  3. Okay, you’ve hit me in a snarky moment. I despise having to clean up after superiors who don’t have the sense to listen to people who are clearly smarter than they are.

    Thankfully, I work for a very smart woman, but oh, have I been in your shoes. Best of luck with that blame storm, because I’m guessing that she will manage to make it someone else’s fault.

  4. Or you could tell your boss the story of a glrl named Nancy who dldn’t have a flash drlve so when her computer crashed ln 2011, she lost everythlng.. Now she saves lt on a flash drlve and hard drlve and lf posslble a hard copy.

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