Back From Death’s Door

So I got my house back on Thursday.  Friday we had take out date night and rewatched The Hobbit, extended edition at home.  Saturday we went to see The Desolation of Smaug.  And later that night, while we were watching the first episode of Season 3 of Sherlock, I got struck down by the stomach flu.  Because THAT was how I wanted to spend the last few days of my Christmas vacation.  Totally one of those occasions where you must be careful what you wish for because I’ve been saying I really needed to detox and reset from the holidays.  This was SO not what I meant.

Woke up today not RIGHT but wanting something resembling real food, so I went freezer diving.  Grabbed the chicken stock I made a couple weeks ago and the last of a bag of horribly freezer burned chicken thighs (you can totally cut off the freezer burned layer and still use it for soup), found the last of the veggie tray from New Year’s Eve (handy, it saved some chopping), added some onion and garlic, and now I’ve got a pot simmering on the stove.  In an hour or so it’ll be a really nice base for some chicken and rice soup.  Not that I can eat much of it at a time.  Anything more than about half a cup of food makes me feel like I’ve eaten a side of beef.   So I’ll just go with that and allow this to be that appetite reset I needed after holiday excesses.   I’m already down 3 or 4 pounds.  One more and that’s everything I put on since Thanksgiving.  NOT my preferred means of dropping the holiday spread.

I’m weak as a kitten.  Well, okay something stronger than a kitten now that I’m getting some nourishment.  But still, not normal.  This is totally throwing off my intention to get straight back into exercise with the start of the new year and getting back into routine.  It’s inconvenient and annoying having to do things in 5-10 minute spurts before needing to sit down.  I’m someone who rarely ever sits down for long, and I’m always DOING SOMETHING.

There are still ROW80 goals to sort.  Round 1 started yesterday.  Hard to think about goals when my primary one was DON’T DIE and KEEP A CRACKER DOWN.  So I’ll get a bit of a late start.  Which is fine.  I DIDN’T stop and slow down at all over the holiday, so…yeah.  Guess, now I am.

Now that I can stay vertical and focus, I’ve been reading.  Last night I finished A Weekend With Mr. Darcy, which was a sweet, charming little read for Austen fans.  Not sure what I’m going to read next.  I’m working my way through Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and Jan Chozen Bays How To Train A Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures In Mindfulness.  Both of them are great but require a bit more brain than I presently have available.  There’s something about being sick that makes me crave period drama.  Maybe I’ll rewatch Pride and Prejudice this afternoon.   I also picked up Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits by Mary Jane Hathaway a while back, so I might start reading that.  It looks like a hoot and a half.  Laughing shouldn’t actually HURT much now.

Hope everyone else is staying warm and NOT SICK.

4 thoughts on “Back From Death’s Door

  1. I HATE having any kind of stomach sickness. I would rather have the worst cold, or strep (I’ve never had the flu, so I can’t speak to that) than be throwing up or even just having bad nausea. So I feel really bad for you. I’m glad you’re feeling better, but don’t push it. Take it easy and work GRADUALLY up to doing things. Rest is important!

  2. Snuggle in and enjoy your soup. The temperature here is about minus 3 Fahernheit (minus 25 if you include the wind chill). And my dog is tugging at my pantleg to take him for a walk. He loves snow!

  3. Too late. The flu whacked me down Dec. 29th, and I’m just now feeling mostly better. Still have a cough, but at least the fevers and nausea are done with. I have some energy back. I wrote today! Woohoo!

    Hope you get to feeling better quickly. =)

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