Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

How is it Wednesday already and I haven’t gotten around to posting?  I swear the last two days have somehow both flown and dragged by.  Definitely sure that yesterday afternoon was caught in a time warp that made the last  three hours of the work day take five times as long to pass.

We’re already midway through January.  I can tell it’s just going to take me the whole month to get back to some kind of routine.  I was delayed getting started in the first place by last week’s stomach virus.  Then Monday I dove back into my workout program and managed to pull a muscle in my neck, which has stopped me from CONTINUING my workout program (though I went to the chiropractor yesterday and after some magic snap, crackle, pop I can move my neck without that binding sensation going on–hooray!).   On top of that, I simply haven’t wanted to get out of bed in the mornings.  It’s not like I’m dreading coming to work, I just want the work day to start about two hours later.    :haz a sleepy:

The one thing I have managed to get back in the groove about is writing.   Sort of.  I’ve racked up not quite 5k in the last week, most of which is on my latest Meet  Cute.  I lack one, maybe two scenes on that one.  It’s a New Year’s Eve story.  It’ll be a later release than I wanted, but life happens.  Trying to write anything significant while dealing with an invalid house guest for a month was probably tantamount to driving blindfolded and drunk on the L.A. freeway during rush hour.

So you can understand why I needed another draft or two…

I’m ready to get that one out the door so that I can dive into the next novel project, which is the first of a contemporary romance trilogy with shades of suspense and ghost story.

In keeping with my goal of learning to quit and take a break, I’ve actually had some social engagements.  And hubby got me Lego Marvel Superheroes, which we started playing over the weekend.  There’s a bit of a learning curve.  Well, let’s face it, anything with more buttons than Super Nintendo feels like a learning curve for me…but still, it’s cute and fun.  I also picked up one of the Nancy Drew games during the big sale Steam had a couple weeks ago.  I haven’t started it yet, but it’s there for a rainy day.

I’ve been working on taking some time to chillax each day doing some yoga nidra, but frankly, it’s in corpse pose and within minutes I just fall asleep on my yoga mat.  Can I call a little cat nap my meditation for the day?  I’m not actively thinking…  Whatever, it’s good for me.  I still say I need to move to a country that believes in a daily siesta.

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