A New Meet Cute Romance: Once Upon An Heirloom

Y’all, I just can’t tell you how much I loved writing this Meet Cute.   It started half as a joke.  A few months ago, when I first came up with the idea for Meet Cute Romances, I took advantage of a week long trial at a stock photo site and nabbed a whole bunch of potential cover images.  I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to this one past the Aw, isn’t that sweet and romantic looking.  When I got into looking later, I saw that crazy sweater and the ring box on the table.  It became a challenge to figure out how to make something that looks on the surface like a proposal into a first meeting.   And I have to say I’m delighted with the results.  I hope you will be too!

Sylvie goes to the jewelry store with a sad story, a looming debt, and a beloved heirloom.

Everett is a hard-core do-gooder with a bank account to back him up.

When he impulsively buys Sylvie’s hocked ring, he intends to return it to her. But Sylvie disappears. How will he find her again? And if his friends find his grand gestures…eccentric, how will a complete stranger react?

A novelette of approximately 10.5k words.
Available at Amazon.  This book is completely DRM free and can be purchased at Amazon and converted to any other ebook format.
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3 thoughts on “A New Meet Cute Romance: Once Upon An Heirloom

  1. Nice! I like the “found this cover, then I had to write a story around it” thing. I find myself doing the same thing, sometimes. 🙂

    Noticed you’re shifting gears toward more mainstream/modern romance… Or at least, that seems to me to be a shift. I’m curious what inspired the move.

    Also – noticing that you’re doing KDP Select for all of these recent novelettes. How’s that working for you? Seems like you did great with the #63 in the store recently (congrats on that, by the way!).

    1. I love contemporary romance and wanted to play in a new sandbox 🙂

      I’m still on the fence about KDP. I used to be hard core against it, as when it originated, a large segment of my readership was on other platforms. But Barnes and Noble seem committed to killing itself, and Amazon is becoming a larger and larger market share, so it seemed worth testing for launch purposes. I intend to distribute far and wide after the 90 day period is up with each of them, but since I’m launching in a new genre for me, it seemed worth the opportunity to take advantage of their promotional options.

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