Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

OMG, how is it Wednesday already?

I have…yeah, nothing to report.  Monday was a fail on writing.  We were having major thunderstorms ALL night before and all day and my dogs were freaking out, so there was just no writing (I got 16 words).  And then that night was the Great Pizza Experiment with the faux mozzarella from The Uncheese Cookbook, which was horrific and one of the most demoralizing food experiences of my life.  THAT catapulted me into a pretty serious Angry/Depressed funk about this dairy allergy and I didn’t get anything done Tuesday because I was busy being angry with the Universe and researching non-cow’s milk cheeses to test.   Then I was just tired, so I deliberately took the night off and watched my DVRed episode of Hart of Dixie and read some more of Into The Still Blue (which is taking me forever to finish, not because it isn’t GREAT but because I’ve just been SUPER BUSY).

Brain is now scrambling to find a way to use this because…that’s just cool:

10 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. You’ve had my sympathy since you announced your cheese allergy. My husband and I talked about what would happen if it was one of us and… You’re handling better than either of us would. I keep hoping the best for you in your search for something semi-cheese-like.

    I think the bookshelf thing is a perfect possible set up for one of your Meet Cutes. Guy buys new house, and girl shows up with a fuzzy childhood memory about a room she swears is in that house. Or something like that?

    1. I’m handling it better probably because we went through this already with hubby for gluten 4 years ago, so I know the drill and that it DOES get better once you figure shit out. And I know EVENTUALLY the health food industry will catch up as more and more people are diagnosed, just like they have with gluten…but…patience is not so much a strong suit of mine, ya know?

  2. You have my sympathies over the dairy allergy. That would make a MAJOR change in our family’s diet! And a change in diet upsets other aspects of life. It derails other things we want/need to do.

    Pretty sure all the bookcases in this house are the cheap slap-together kind from Wallyworld. They’ve been rearranged so many times that there’s NO chance any of them hide anything but dust bunnies! But it is a goal of mine to someday have a bookcase that hides something…preferably a hidden stair!

  3. I think of two things with the bookshelf thing.
    1) Books themselves are a hidden passageway and it is pretty sad that only 18% of bookselves have books.
    2) Discworld by Terry Pratchett had a video game made from it. One place you could teleport from books to books. The character explains it as such: you know how old bookstores seem to go further back than the rest of the stores on the block, and that you nip into a library or bookstore for just a few minutes and walk out an hour later. Yeah, books in large concentrations warp time and space.

    I didn’t do so well on thw writing either. You have my sympathy.

    The dairy thing sounds tough. Are the non-cow’s milk cheeses better? I really like sheep’s cheese. It is tangier and not like all of the things you use cow’s milk for, but tasty.

    1. It depends on the person. They all have casein, but being different animals, the protein structures are slightly different. Some people can tolerate it, some can’t.

  4. If it would help, I’ll ask the secretary at our son’s school what she uses as a vegan cheese substitute. Her son loves pizza, but anything dairy can send him to the ICU. She’s found a brand that works. For a while she had to special order it via Amazonso it’s not one of the usual store brands.

    I get some of what you are going through. I have a sensitivity to the proteins in cows milk… lived on goat milk and soy for years, long enough that he soy caused fertility problems. It sometimes feels like there’s no “good option”. But it does get easier eventually. As you say, the food industry is getting more and more aware of the problems and has started fixing some of them.

    Hopefully now that the excitement of the last few days has settled some, now you’ll be able to settle some and get the writing done. Thunderstorms are hard on our fur kin; their ears are more sensitive, they feel the vibrations more directly in their body… Hopefully all is well in their world now.

    1. Well, SOME of the food industry is fixing things. The bulk of it is the source of the problem since they keep mucking around with stuff they have no business mucking with…

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