Taking On A New Hobby…Maybe

I’ve stayed quiet for the last few days, partly because I’ve been busy, partly because the interwebz has been taken over by poorly informed outrage over the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Hobby Lobby.  I’m not making a political statement one way or the other, but any time the media kicks up this much of a furor, it makes me wonder what political machinations the public is being distracted from.

But I’m not here to talk politics.

I’m getting ready to organize things for the start of Round 3 of A Round of Words in 80 Days, which begins on MONDAY.

I’m plugging away at TY (and finally got two thumbs up from The Hammer on the latest outline).

I’ve been reading a lot (but I’ll save that for Friday’s Fiction Round Up).

And I’m kinda, sorta, maybe thinking about getting back into martial arts.  Back in college I was on the university taekwondo team, and I was in the best shape of my life.  Lest you think that makes me some kind of badass, people compete at ALL belt levels.  I was, best I can remember, about halfway to my black belt when I stopped due to a falling out with my coach.  That was fifteen years ago.  Back in grad school, I did aikido, which I absolutely loved.  It was perfect for someone who’s small, like me.  I made some headway in that before I was forced to quit due to lack of time.  Because…grad school.  THAT was nine or ten years ago.

Okay, hang on, I’m having a moment that I started grad school a decade ago.  REALLY?  I could’ve SWORN it was YESTERDAY.

Anyway, I’ve never gone back, mostly for reasons related to time.  But every time I see a fight scene in a movie or on TV, I miss it.  Every time I write a fight scene, I miss it.  And a part of me has always been bothered by the fact that I never finished either of my black belts (being that I’m a FINISH YOUR SHIT kind of gal).  I have no delusions of being Gina Carano (kick ass female MMA fighter you may remember fighting Michelle Roderigez in Fast and Furious 6), but it would be good for me on multiple levels.  I don’t have a whole lot of time for a new hobby, so one that would replace some of my workouts would be a good trade off (I’d be going back to taekwondo due to the fact that the class fits in my schedule and because it’s a much better workout than aikido).  It would improve my flexibility, my body awareness (which is a good thing when you’re a natural klutz), and give me a much cooler reason for all the bruises I’m always sporting anyway due to running into stuff (see aforementioned klutzy tendencies–the walls, floor, and furniture HATE ME).

Obviously, after this long out, I’d be starting over as a complete newb, which is totally fine.  I need the build up.  Despite my consistent efforts to stay fit, my body does NOT move now like it did when I was 18–back then when I was actively training, I could ACTUALLY DO THE SPLITS.  These days the only splits I do are occasionally of my favorite pants.   And I’d need a new gi.  But hey, I actually still have all my sparring gear…somewhere.

So…that’s where my brain is right now.  I’m waiting to hear back from the school I contacted about how much the classes cost.

5 thoughts on “Taking On A New Hobby…Maybe

  1. Sounds like a good plan! I’m one of those girls who flinch and cringe when a flying fist or foot comes at me, so I don’t know if I could do martial arts without making a fool of myself. LOL. I’ve always wanted to, but I was always afraid of it. I say, if you loved it back then, you’ll love it now. Go for it!

  2. Heh. In High School I took Taekwondo, also had a falling out with my coach, and ALSO switched to Aikido and loved it. ALSO also, I am a full black belt in klutz-fu, despite having been a dancer at one point in my life.

    I recently became one of The Hammer’s minions via the Forge, and am more than happy to pay for the privilege. Lawdy, but she’s exactly what I needed to level up my mad fictiony skillz!

  3. That sounds like a great trade-off. My husband was in tae kwon do, loved every minute of it, became incredibly fit, life happened and he wasn’t able to go for a few weeks, and…well, you know what happens then. But I was impressed by how it helped his body and life, so I’m always excited when I hear about someone else getting involved in that martial art. Good luck!

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