Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I’m having a rare and gloriously lazy Sunday morning.  Got to sleep in (which was a great thing, since I woke up at 6:30 yesterday morning and couldn’t get back to sleep), and after getting laundry sorted and started, and a load of dishes in the dishwasher, I fixed my pot of tea, and settled in with Food Network on TV and a pile of food magazines (I’ve got SUCH a huge backlog since I stopped food blogging a couple years ago).
  2. I’m looking for something to DO with all my food magazines.  They’re loaded with great recipes, so I don’t want to just toss them (I tend to digitize the ones I want to keep).  Anybody have ideas for what to do with them?  I’ve got years’ worth of Cooking Light, Simple and Delicious, Taste of Home, Food Network Magazine, and Rachel Ray Everyday.
  3. I finally got started on Act 3 of To Get Me To You.  That’s been a little slow.  After the revisions I made to the first half, I needed to do another read through (which was good as it allowed me to catch several timeline goofs), and revise the second half outline to match up with what I actually ended up writing.  But it’s mostly been that I’ve been crazy busy this week.
  4. I also did a lot of plot and character development on another Mirus novella that deals with Clementine.  The hero is Thane, the doctor we saw in Riven, and the shero is one of the escapees from Fort Hurley in Forsaken.
  5. Our little foster puppy left us this week, hitching a ride on Rescue Waggin up to Chicago and the Anti Cruelty Society, where she’ll be moving on to her forever home.  We’re happy to have helped her out, but also happy to be back to NORMAL around here.  My pooches are as set in their ways as their parents, so we’ve enjoyed the quiet and Callie is ecstatic to be able to go potty without anybody jumping up wanting to play kissy face.
  6. Next week is going to be a recharge week.  I’m headed to the coast for several days to visit Lockwood Monk (and my unofficial nephews).  I anticipate not a lot of words written, but MUCH inspiration and creative brainstorming.  Can’t WAIT.  I’ve got several audio books from the library for the trip.  I’ll only be able to actually get THROUGH one and start another (it’s not that far to the coast), but I wanted CHOICES.  Jocelynn Drake’s Angel’s Ink, Heather Graham’s Ghost Shadow, Kimberly Frost’s Would Be Witch, and Jennifer Bernard’s How to Tame a Wild Fireman.  I attended a panel with Jennifer Bernard and Candis Terry at RT (and have since been blowing through EVERYTHING Candis Terry has written–highly, HIGHLY recommend her Sweet, Texas series), so I’m looking forward to trying out Jennifer’s book.
  7. I’m off to give Princess Daisy a much needed bath!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Donate your old cooking magazines to the library or the local senior centers/retirement communities. My library sells old books and magazines to raise money every couple of months and the senior center regularly holds cooking contests and stuff so they use some of the magazines we donate for theme recipes and stuff.

  2. So, I finally caught up on your blog and posted a link to it through mine.

    Glad that your week was productive. It is nice to have a relaxing and quiet Sunday. I find Sunday are also my quiet days and/or catch up days. I agree with Gabryyl above, donation of old magazine to library or senior centers is a good options. Have an amazing week and safe travels. 🙂

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