Opinionated Characters, Write or Die, and Looking For Crack

Candy corn in a jarIf this post title sounds disjointed, it’s really a good reflection of my brain just now.  It’s October 1st.  That means I am officially allowed to buy my ONE BAG OF CANDY CORN.  Candy corn and peanuts are a special favorite form of personal crack for me.  Hence I’m only allowed one bag.  A YEAR.  And if I eat all of it in 2 days…well, that’s it for the year.  I am jonesing like WHOA.

Between the excessive overtaxing of my brain during Hell Week here at the Evil Day Job, my shero has been yelling at me.  A LOT.  She informed me that the sequence after the black moment simply Would Not Do.  So I came up with an alternative last night that she’s still only partially satisfied with.  While I was updating my scrivener file at lunch with what’s to come, she looked at where I had another love scene right after Cam finally finds out the truth and is going “Are you kidding me? I am not just pissed about this. I’m hurt. Do you really think I’m going to forgive him that easily?” Um…no? What does he have to do? :crickets: of the “If you don’t know, then I’m not telling you” variety.  Thanks Norah.

I found out this morning that the new desktop version of Write or Die 2 has a reward setting, so that instead of the threat of your words disappearing, you can set it to reward you for every however many words.  With puppies.  Or kittens.  Or whatever.  What can I say, I’m motivated by pictures of baby animals.  So I picked up a copy (hey, $5 off since I’m a teacher!).  The one thing I have never liked about this program (apart from the fact that it can eat your words) is that it’s all plain text.  All these minimal distractions sorts of programs seem to be like that, and it bugs me.  When I wanna use italics, I wanna use italics.  I doubt I’ll use it much for my normal writing, but I hope to be able to use it for mini sprints to pad my daily wad.

Round 4 of ROW80 starts on Monday and despite the fact that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CHANGES with my writing schedule when we’re off…I miss it.  I got the last of my sponsors today, so I need to do some set up for that in the next few days.

Back to the salt mines.

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