Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

Sunday already?  Aaaand another ROW80 Progress Report

  1. It’s been all about the food today.  I put together some tuna salad, hummus, made quinoa egg muffins and mujadarra (using the spice palette from chicken shawarma), and experimented with a single serve batch of slightly healthier dairy free chocolate chip cookie dough (3 tbsp flour, 1.5 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp coconut palm sugar, 1 tbsp dairy free chocolate chips, pinch sea salt, 1 tbsp oat milk (or other non dairy milk), 1/2 tsp vanilla).
  2. 4719 words this week.  I wound up making a change in cast to Liam and Riley’s story, swapping out who her local confidant is.  That necessitated some going back and making adjustments, swapping out a couple of scenes, adding another…I’m really pleased with the changes.  It sets up for Judd and Autumn’s book really well and added a much needed Friend Chemistry vibe.  I’m right at the midpoint.
  3. This week’s recipe was my secret shame, totwaffles.
  4. Did a fair bit of reading this week.  Knocked out the 4th Laurel Heights novel by Kate Perry, Looking For You, been working on  The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, and started Finding Your Way In A Wild New World by Martha Beck.  I’m also going back to the second Dragon’s Blood novel, The Deathmaker by Lindsay Buroker, which I was in the middle of when I got off on this Kate Perry kick.  I’ve got a work trip at the end of the week, so I ought to knock out a fair chunk in audio on that.
  5. I’ve been doing some plotting on a secret project (yeah, I know, I have a lot of those).  It’s a very long term sort of project.  One of those deals where I want to work on this series over time and have the whole thing done before I release any of them (which means a VERY VERY long term project as there are 6 short novels in this series and I’m focused on other things).  But it’s been fun to get some things lined up and sorted out related to the plot.
  6. Hubs and I have been marathon watching all of The Good Witch movies from Hallmark Channel.  They were cute, definitely our level of cheesy.  Of course all this watching of Catherine Bell makes me want to go back and watch JAG from the beginning.  :glares at Netflix for not having it on streaming:  Hallmark has apparently started a TV series based on the stories that picks up some ten years later.  Given the unavailability of the guy who plays the hero in all the movies, they have made some plot choices that this romance lover is not sure she can live with, so IDK if I’ll be watching or not.
  7. Speaking of romance–sort of–hubs and I also recently watched all of The Librarians series.  We picked this up because it was like Warehouse 13 meets Leverage, both of which we adored.  And frankly, we’ll watch Christian Kane in almost anything.  We really liked the team they put together, including the addition of Rebecca Romijn as the Guardian.  But one thing I have to say–whoever was in charge of writing the romance thread of this show failed in a seriously epic way.  SPOILER ALERT.  In the 2 hour premier of the series, she gets dragged in as the new Guardian for the Librarian (Noah Wyle).  Which, fine, he needs a keeper with that whole absent-minded professor thing he has going on.  And then at the end, completely out of nowhere they kiss and talk as if this has been a thing that had been building.  Um, I’m sorry, what?  Quite apart from the fact that these two have zero on screen chemistry, there was absolutely NO seeding of this potential relationship in the prior 2 hours.  It was just BAM.  We like each other!  (No magic involved).  Yeah, no, that’s not how this works.  There was no banter, no real antagonism masking attraction, no Moments, no nothing.  In a later episode dealing with parallel realities, I totally believed in the potential for her and Jake Stone (Christian Kane) as a couple for the ten minutes that reality was happening faster than I believed the one they actually wrote in (and really, I would ship that because…Christian Kane–what can I say, I like watching the man fight).  Flynn (Noah Wyle) is in and out through the series, and I think the episodes without him were much better because I didn’t have that glaring Not Relationship Relationship staring me in the face (and I enjoy the team chemistry).  So this Faux Romance has become the yardstick of bad romances in our household.
  8. On the Operation G.I.T. front, I had good success this week.  I got up all 5 weekday mornings at 6 to do a full workout, and I got my water consumption back up to 80 oz. +.  I have also successfully detoxed from sugar (and consequently dropped 4 pounds).  I’m going to stick to what I’ve got for goals just now.  I need another week or two to really start sealing in my new old habits before I try to add anything or change something up.

One thought on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. I’ve seen the first two or three Good Witch movies a few times. I have several of them on my DVR from back around Christmas. I didn’t start the series. I have too much to watch already.

    The non-romance in the Librarians must not have been very memorable because I don’t even remember them kissing. LOL. I, too, love the team. And, like you, I love Christian Kane. Hubby and I were also fans of Warehouse 13 and Leverage.

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