Midweek #ROW80 Check-in

The last couple of days have been the kind that make me want to punch something.

I finished up the clean up pass on Turn My World Around and got that sent off to my editor.  And I did the final proofread of Dance Me A Dream, the holiday novella I have coming out in the Romancing The Holidays anthology this November.  Then I did some soul searching and decided to change around my production schedule again.  My Sooper Seekrit Project requires more work than I feel I can reasonably get done by the end of October (when I wanted to release).  Plus I was looking at that second draft like someone had just suggested that I leap out of this perfectly good airplane. November has notoriously been a slow month for releases for me, so I opted to save the second draft of SSP1, revision of SSP2, and writing of SSP3 for the end of the year and move my next Wishful novel on up in the pipeline.  I feel really good about this decision, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this particular book for quite some time.  I had started this book last year and put it back down because I just wasn’t ready to write it yet.  It wasn’t gelling for me.  But the whole thing is plotted out and ready to go, loaded into Scrivener and everything.  So I spent a little time yesterday evening looking over what I’d written before (not too much) and cutting most of it. I was all set to get started.

And then the Universe started conspiring against me.

My computer has, for the past two weeks, been trying to unsuccessfully install the latest Windows 10 update.  It’s been rebooting on its own (which is problematic) and had done so again while I was at taekwondo last night.  When I got it back up, it was running like crap.  So I started the process of trying to do a system restore (failed).  Hubby started the scan disk before he went to bed.  It was still running this morning.  Without getting into all the steps I took, I spent most of today wrestling with the damn thing (and also having a spite conversation with the office tech guy about Macbooks, which I think I’m going to save up for because I am tired of Windows updates breaking shit).

When I came home at lunch, armed with one of the fleet laptops from work and intending to write, I discovered the dishwasher wasn’t draining.  So when I got home from work, I had to pull out the entire load of dirty dishes (after doing 2 sinkfuls to make room for the ones I needed to pull out), siphon out the water and deal with that.  Thankfully judicious use of vinegar cleared it up without my having to do actual plumbing (although I’ve done that before).

By the time I sat down from dealing with that, teenager got home from her day.  After she filled me in and went to do her own thing, the dogs kept wanting in and out and in and out and basically I just didn’t get a proper chance to write.

And I’m grumpy

But I finally got my computer sorted, made the dishwasher my bitch, and I have a plan for tomorrow, so it’s bound to get better.

2 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-in

  1. I hate that adage about things comng in threes, but it often seems to be true. Perhaps it is my increasingly sour mood that makes the second or third thing that happens seem so maddening, but at times I do think the universe is conspiring.

    Congrats on making the dishwasher your bitch. One has to watch those buggers every second.

  2. Windows 10 is just evil anyway. The very fact it doesn’t allow you to choose the updates it will install makes it a whole pile of extra trouble. Though… keep in mind, that part of the new setup was modeled off of Apple’s business arrangement. Microsoft wants to get into controlling the hardware you choose (market share) and by making their operating systems only work on certain machine and manufacturer’s products, they can (again like Apple) charge more for it.

    I hate to sound uber geeky, but you may want to look into one of the new Linux versions (you can try it as a “virtual machine” right in Windows without buying or changing anything). I like Mint Cinnamon, VERY intuitive… no fussing to set it up at all really, though for the super fussy, it can be fine-tuned to the nnnth degree

    And I won’t discuss the dishwasher…. I never had one. Wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I had one. :-/

    But… would it be so very terrible if you dropped this story that you are having so much trouble with just a little while longer? Maybe you need to make it clear to it that “you have better things to do with you time” than fight with it….

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