Kathleen Brooks and The Gratitude Giveaway

In addition to rolling out the forthcoming Romancing The Holidays boxed set, I am also so blessed to have the chance to work with THIRTEEN other amazing authors in an effort to spread more GRATITUDE in the world!  


Today, I want to share with you Kathleen Brooks’ The Keeneston Roses.  Most of you probably think of KENTUCKY and BLUEGRASS when it comes to Kathleen (as you rightly should…her Bluegrass Brothers series is awesome).  But this is the one she’s most grateful to share with the world!

In her own words

Upon losing what each considered their true love very early in life, the Rose sisters dedicated their lives to supporting and nurturing their community.  In the end, the people they’ve helped show their gratitude by helping the Rose sisters realize their own second chance at love.

Love always finds a way…

Lily Rae Rose has been headstrong since she was a child. Maybe that’s why she fell for the bad boy next door. But Lily learns that not all bad boys can be reformed. After suffering the pain of a broken heart, Lily dedicated herself to finding the perfect match for her friends. This let her enjoy the benefits of love without the pain . . . that is, until town gossip John Wolfe forced her to confront the pain of the past.

Daisy Mae Rose may only be minutes apart from her two sisters, but she always felt invisible as the middle sister. When a man makes her the center of attention, Daisy blooms under his loving care. But the unthinkable happens when he joins the war effort and leaves her behind forever. But there was someone else who had loved Daisy in high school, and now he has returned.

Violet Fae Rose was always the wild one. After high school, she did the impossible . . . she left the small town of Keeneston and went to culinary school in France. While in the City of Love, Violet falls for the one person she shouldn’t. Violet quickly finds out the downside of a forbidden romance and runs away to the French countryside to lose herself in her cooking. But sometimes it takes returning home to fully put things back together. Violet finds peace in playing matchmaker with her sisters. Then, one day, Violet finds herself on the receiving end of someone else’s matchmaking.


C’mon.  You know you’re all over sister stories.  Find out more about The Keenseston Roses and the other books included in our Gratitude Sale!  Oh, and did I mention there are PRIZES GALORE???  There are several Visa gift cards and TWO Kindles up for grabs!

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