Kate Perry and The Gratitude Giveaway

In addition to rolling out the forthcoming Romancing The Holidays boxed set, I am also so blessed to have the chance to work with THIRTEEN other amazing authors in an effort to spread more GRATITUDE in the world!  


Today, I want to share with you Kate Perry’s Stars Shining Bright Above.  I discovered Kate first through her Laurel Heights series and promptly blew through almost everything she’s ever written.  Her books share an unmitigated JOY (as does her smile…seriously, look at any picture of Kate and she’s got the most joyful smile I’ve ever seen) and this one is no exception.  This is the book she’s most grateful to share with the world!

In her own words

I wrote STARS SHINING BRIGHT ABOVE for all my fans, who’ve become friends over the last ten years. It was all about gratitude and love, with a sprinkle of fairy dust on top.

For Luna Kipling, moving to Bedford Falls is a fresh start—a chance to let go of the mistakes of the past and start over with a clean slate. It’s a chance to find real love, with someone who values and respects her mind and heart rather than just her body.

And that someone is not contractor Travis Scott, even if his hammer is big and he knows how to use it…



I’m a sucker for stories about starting over–also any hero with a tool belt…  You’re gonna LOVE Luna and Travis!  Find out more about Stars Shining Bright Above and the other books included in our Gratitude Sale!  Oh, and did I mention there are PRIZES GALORE???  There are several Visa gift cards and TWO Kindles up for grabs!

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