Always Been You

Always Been You
A Men of the Misfit Inn Short Story

Aunt Finola might be dead, but she's still interfering from the grave in this quirky, small town, only one bed, friends to lovers romance.

Traveling nurse Bellamy Chase is only back in Eden's Ridge for the reading of her great aunt's will, then it's back to work in Savannah. The last thing she expects to find when she stops to assist at an accident scene is her globetrotting best friend who's been gone for years.

Five years and thousands of miles haven't dimmed the attraction Graham Northrop feels for his best friend, and he's through running. That he made it in time to back her up against her hateful, money-grubbing family was just a bonus. Especially when it turns out she's inherited her great aunt's house—the one she hasn't been back to since a childhood trauma sent her running.

The terms of the will insist she spend one night locked in the house to take possession. She'll never make it alone. Good thing Graham's here. Maybe the forced proximity will give her the opportunity to finally pry out of him why he really left all those years ago.

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