Single Dad in a Kilt

Single Dad in a Kilt
Kilted Hearts: Book 5

A single dad who's drowning

Single dad Hamish Colquhoun is overwhelmed. He’s opening a new law practice, renovating a temperamental two-hundred-year-old farmhouse, and barely surviving his daughter’s entry into puberty. The last thing he has time for is a woman. Least of all the runaway bride who nearly married his best friend. The former heiress he’s always secretly had feelings for.

A runaway bride searching for redemption

Afton Lennox knows she burned a lot of bridges when she bailed on her arranged marriage, but she’s finally back, ready to make amends to everyone she hurt with her abrupt departure. At the top of that list, Hamish Colquhoun, the man who gave her the secret to her escape. The man who turns out to be newly divorced. Taking the second biggest risk of her life, Afton confesses her lifelong feelings.

A parent trap to save them both

When Hamish makes it clear he’s in no position to pursue anything, Afton’s prepared to leave again, this time for good. But a tween intervention lands Afton as a temporary nanny. Through home renovations, goat shenanigans, and an array of matchmaking attempts, these three lonely hearts just might find they make the best kind of family.