Protector in a Kilt

Protector in a Kilt
Kilted Hearts: Book 4

A captive who dreams of her freedom

In public, violinist Elizabeth Duncan is the toast of the entertainment world. A prodigy who's been wowing audiences with her music since she was only twelve years old. But behind closed doors, she's desperate to escape the man who's turned her passion into a prison. When the specter of violence becomes more than a threat, she sacrifices everything to run.

A hero lost without a mission

Former special forces operative Ewan McBride has done everything he's supposed to since leaving the military: Moved home. Bought a new business. Integrated into the community. But he's just going through the motions. Until he rescues a woman in trouble in the midst of a terrible storm.

A sanctuary and an unexpected new beginning

Ewan recognizes a woman on the run and can't resist the urge to help. The danger from her past is certain to come calling. The safest place for her? With him. But as they live and work together, what starts as a self-appointed protective detail becomes so much more. With her, he finds his own safe place to land. But when their fragile fresh start is threatened, he'll do anything to protect her.