T Minus Four Days…

So I am HOME from DFW and have immediately slid into the anxiety ridden panic that attends moving.  Not because I don’t have a plan, but because I have–erm–issues with having stuff in boxes, not in place, and otherwise general chaos. Which is why I’m so damned efficient at it.  I CAN’T TAKE IT, Y’ALL! […]

Sunday Summary: DFWCon

So I’m sitting here in the sprawling king size bed of my hotel room, in my happy little pillow cave, turning on my computer for the first time since Friday morning.  Other than using Twitter on my phone to track folks down at the conference, I have been unplugged all weekend.  It was a strange […]

My First Conference

So in less than a month (25 days to be precise) I am attending my first writer’s conference, the DFW Writer’s Conference.  I’m very excited for SO MANY REASONS. HELLO!  I get to spend 2 whole days TALKING SHOP with people I heretofore only have known on Twitter. I get to meet my agent, the […]