T Minus Four Days…

So I am HOME from DFW and have immediately slid into the anxiety ridden panic that attends moving.  Not because I don’t have a plan, but because I have–erm–issues with having stuff in boxes, not in place, and otherwise general chaos. Which is why I’m so damned efficient at it.  I CAN’T TAKE IT, Y’ALL!

:twitch twitch:

Hubs is angsting because he wasn’t able to get off work until Thursday afternoon to help with stuff.  But it’ll be fine.  After the epic social interactions of DFW (which were, you guessed it, AWESOME), this introvert is actually quite happy to be spending the next couple of days in quiet by myself.

The plan for today is to go get fresh paint, pick up new drop cloths, and pull down all the nails and hangers, spackle and touch up walls, and then paint the former nursery (gonna be my gym) and the top half of the two tone library (so that it’s all one tone).  And between all that, get all the utilities set up, and start hauling over everything that already normally lives in a decorative box, chest, or basket.  Of course, all of this is after I take Daisy to PT here in the next little bit.

Oh hey!  And check it, I’ve got a 10% of coupon at Lowes I can use on the blinds I need to buy.  Sweet.

BTW, if you are a big fan of a laugh, you will LOVE Tawna Fenske’s work.  You can have a shot at her latest in a giveaway over at Jessica Corra’s blog.  I missed it while I was out of town, and it CLOSES TONIGHT, so get your entries in TODAY!

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