T Minus 3 Days

So, for those of you suffering under the grand delusion that I’m awesome at everything, this post is for you.

I unbelievably SUCK at cutting in (you know when you’re painting).  LIKE REALLY REALLY SUCK.  Yesterday’s plan was to get both the gym and library finished.  Well, it turned out that the 10 foot ceilings in the library are really 12 foot, and the 8 foot ceilings in the gym are really 9 foot.  Which meant there was a lot of precarious balancing, necessity for retrieving other ladders, and a great deal of general swearing because it took me FOUR HOURS to cut in 2 rooms.  The actual rolling on of the paint took only an hour.  But of course I lost about 3 hours, picking up supplies, toting dogs to assorted places (Daisy to PT, Callie to grandpa’s, then Daisy FROM PT to grandpa’s, then picking them both up at the end of the day) and swapping vehicles around for assorted reasons.

There was a lot of swearing being done yesterday about the fact that I’m short and can’t reach stuff; that if there is anything in the vicinity that CAN be tripped on, I will (I have a lovely assortment of fresh bruises ); that I can’t just HIRE somebody that knows what they’re doing so that it’s all DONE; that wall anchors make such a damn mess.  I’ve never seen so many nail and anchor holes in my LIFE.  It took me over an hour to get all the hangers down and the walls patched and sanded (and I’m GOOD at that).  We’re going to have to repaint the entire house because we only know one of the existing paint colors.  Which we don’t have time to do before we move in other than what I’ve done, so we’ll just be living with patched walls for a while.  It’s not really THAT big a deal–the walls really needed repainting ANYWAY as it was the original paint from when the house was built in 2004 but just UGH.  I was NOT good company.


Today’s plan is to finish coat two and move all the closets.  Then we’ll see where we are.  After the painkillers kick in…

9 thoughts on “T Minus 3 Days

  1. Well, by the time you move again, you’ll be on the red carpet of Mick:The Avenging Wolf movie. You’ll definitely be able to hire people to do the cutting and you’ll have money left over to hire someone to make sure they do a good job.

  2. I hate painting. Hubby and I are terrible at it. We have 16 foot ceilings in our living room, and that’s why we haven’t tackled that yet.

    I hope you are less frustrated tomorrow and that your bruises heal quickly.

  3. Painting may go faster without wine, however sounds like you deserve some tonight. Treat yourself to a glass of it or something else (possibly stronger).

  4. I hire painting done now, because when I do it I end up with paint all over things I never intended, like the ceiling, or the furniture, or the hard wood floor. Good luck with it though 🙂

  5. LOL! I suck at cutting in, too. In fact, the hubster has banned me from said activity. 🙂

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