Efficiency 101: Blitz The Fridge

Okay you’re probably wondering what the heck your refrigerator has to do with efficiency.  If you could see mine, you wouldn’t be asking that question.  I can’t FIND or GET TO anything without taking five other things out.  This usually makes me cranky because I wind up dropping or spilling stuff and grousing about how […]

Efficiency 101: Break It Up!

Did you know that when people get busy, exercise is usually the number one thing that slides?  I can’t remember where I read that, but it has a ring of truth to it.  I know that when I’m tired or frazzled, it’s usually the last thing I want to do. I live in a world […]

Efficiency 101: The Power of “No”

No. It’s a little bitty word.  Just two letters.  But it has the power to set you free. We are conditioned in our society that “No” is impolite.  We are supposed to agree to things because it’s rude not to.  It’s considered somehow wrong to set boundaries. Well just like it’s healthy to set boundaries […]

Efficiency 101: Is It A Value Add?

Our days are packed full of so many activities and tasks and obligations.  Since our planet shows no likelihood of suddenly morphing to a thirty-six hour day, and since most of us don’t get enough sleep to begin with and can’t cut out any more, in order to find more time for things, you have […]

Efficiency 101: Know When To Multi-task

We are a multi-tasking society.  This whole concept of accomplishing multiple things at once is so pervasive in our culture that I think, to a point, we’ve almost come to revere it.  And in fact, I am a queen of multi-tasking with the kind of life I lead.  I think multi-tasking is great.  Except when […]

Efficiency 101: Do You Really Need That?

I wrote this last week while I was still packing to move and before the sale of our house fell through.  But it’s all still relevant. As much as moving is a pain in the butt, it’s an excellent opportunity to go through your stuff and clean out. Do I sound like one of those […]

Efficiency 101: Organizing Your Move

I had some kind of brain fart last week and totally forgot it was Monday when I made my post.  So we’re back to Efficiency 101 this week (even though it’s the 4th of July).  Today I want to talk about something that isn’t an every day occurrence but one that plagues everyone who has […]

Efficiency 101: A Time To Be Still

So much of this series is about getting things done.  Cramming more accomplishments into less time.  And that’s fine.  That’s part of life.  Particularly American life.  We’re busy people, there’s constantly stuff to do, and efficiency is a means of saving our sanity. But sometimes you have to stop. Sometimes you have to NOT be […]

Efficiency 101: Menu Planning and Meal Prep

How much time do you spend trying to figure out what’s for dinner?  And how many times do you turn to some easy frozen or boxed dinner because it seems like that takes less time than prepping all the ingredients for cooking something from scratch?  Are you one of those people who thinks cooking from […]