Bookish Ennui

I am presently hanging out in the reader’s version of when you are noshy and standing in front of the fridge but absolutely nothing is quite right and you don’t have any idea what you want. I keep picking different things up and putting them back down because nothing is quite hitting the right note […]

Manifesting the Positive in 2016

Welcome to 2016. It really won’t feel like the new year for me until Monday, when I dive into the new/old routine that is daily life.  I’ve enjoyed my holiday, gotten some rest and some quiet.  Done some reading (knocked out Tawna Fenske’s latest, The Fix Up and Tara Sivec’s Seduction and Snacks, both of which were […]

Ashamed of My Shame

*Image by Carlos Portos Y’all, I kind of hate myself this morning. I need to back up and give context.  So one of my evil day jobs is as an online college instructor in psychology.  I’ve been doing this for…nine years now?  Anyway, from time to time, the university requires that the teachers take a […]

Appreciating Silence

I’ve been getting increasingly sporadic about posting.  Some of that is that I’ve been blogging for 8 years, and after over 3100 posts, you start to run out of stuff to say that you don’t feel like you’ve said before.  Some of it is that I’ve been super busy with the Evil Day Job this […]

Clutterbust Your Digital Life

Spring is for reducing clutter For me spring has always been about renewal, simplification, and organization.  After the long rainy days of winter, I feel a serious need to clear out the clutter in my house (and thereby my mind).  It’s much easier to be brutally honest about the stuff that I legitimately use and […]

Is 50 Shades This Generation’s Lazy Romance Insult?

I am a romance lover.  This is a love affair that goes back twenty years and will burn until the day I die. I love stories of love, of hope, and triumph.  So do millions of other readers.  And yet we have, since the inception of the genre, been insulted for our reading choices, been […]