Daily Progress Report

Totem: 0
HOC: 0

Daily Goal: Most assuredly NOT met. 

I suppose after 11 straight days of writing and somewhere over 8k of words, I deserve a little break.  After a long day of subbing, and an equally long shift at my real job–where, I will note, there is NO air conditioning right now because they are in the middle of replacing it and it’s really freaking hot–I’ve simply got nothin’.  I’ve looked at where I left off both, but my brain refuses to work.  The air in here is close and hot, like velvet drapes left up too long into summer.  It’s stifling and difficult to breathe.  A headache has settled in my temples and the back of my skull and the resonating pain is not conducive to creativity.  I have, instead, been expending all my effort at imagining myself at the bow of a sailboat, feet propped on the railing, an icy cold cider in my hands as a cool, sweet Caribbean breeze caresses my cheeks.  It’s not really working, and I’m contemplating dumping some ice water over my head.  At least we’re out of here in a little over half an hour.  I’ll pick back up writing tomorrow.

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