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I have a confession to make. I am fascinated by blogging. Over the course of the last ten years, I have had several. I currently am down to 4: this writer’s blog, my personal blog, a political blog (which I don’t do ANYTHING with, but which I was compelled to create last year), and a blog dedicated to pontification of a philosophical nature. Needless to say most of the action is here and in my personal blog. For some reason I frequently feel compelled to check out other blog hosting sites. I obviously have a livejournal. My personal blog is on Blogger. I’ve used Xanga in the past. A friend of mine uses Typepad for one of her blogs. And I just discovered WordPress. It’s ludicrous that I should feel compelled to sign up for another one! But I confess I actually had to resist the urge. A tiny part of it is the elusive search for the “perfect” blog, as evidenced by my recent renovations here. But that’s certainly not the root of it. I’m not entirely sure what is.

Some folks are addicted to the blogging scene from the reader’s end. They spend hours each day perusing and commenting. I don’t have the patience or time for that, so I have my select few I scan, comment if so inclined, and move on to the work at hand.

The world of blogs has provided not only a fascinating way to get your thoughts out there, connect with others, and put your personal mark on the world–not to mention the opportunity to create an entirely new personae if you are so inclined (this is a great attraction of the anonymity of the internet–no one is necessarily what or who they seem)–but blogs have also offered a wonderful counterpoint to traditional mainstream media which is so often slanted. Which is not to say that the blogs aren’t slanted either. If you want to get down to it EVERYTHING is slanted somehow or other, intentionally or no.

And looking at the clock I must cease my personal fascination and wind up this post. Time to pack up for work!

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