Momentous Occasion

Well okay, so it’s not as momentous as actually finishing the book. I know there a number of you out there who have been on the verge of hiring hit men to punish me for dragging Houses of Cards out for so long (I have been working on this book and its many incarnations since 1998) but last night something big happened. I am officially further than I have ever been on any draft of this book (and I’ve been through at least one major draft change every year). 63,683 words, 257 pages is as far as I ever got before. I am now officially on page 257 of the current manuscript at 66,946 words. I’ve been into new territory in terms of plot for a while now. The story has changed dramatically since its original inception (which is part of why I’ve been working on it for so many years). I could offer up a dozen reasons for why it hasn’t been finished before now–a lot of which would get into the realm of personal which has no place here. But the end result is that this is the year I’m going to finish it. The end is in sight–about a hundred to a hundred fifty pages away, but still I can see it, and I know what happens between here and there. At least until I get to the final scene (I haven’t made up my mind what’s going to happen in the final bad guy confrontation), but I’ve got a little while before I have to figure that out. I know this isn’t the most scintillating of posts, but I wanted to record it for posterity so I can look back when the book is finished and go WOO!

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  1. It is quite momentous. And when you consider how much you cut from the previous draft right off the top, you really are far along. This version is much tighter and has better focus than what I read before. And, with your consistent work habit, (as well as my inside track of knowing you’ve just finished your timeline,) I could easily see you with a full manuscript a month from now.

    A full manuscript

    a month from now.

    Congratulations on being farther along on this draft than any other. You’ve worked really hard the last few months, and I’m proud of you, sweetie.


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