The Ants Go Marching In…No Wait…

Gaaaaaah!  I am fighting what seems to be a never-ending battle against ants.  I’m in my office at work–we moved over to the other side of the complex a week ago, and I settled right in.  But I walked in this morning to find ants EVERYWHERE!  The second straight week of 100+ temps have driven them inside in search of water.  My big water glass (which was still half full) has apparently become their holy Mecca.  There are at least 20 of them floating.  EW!  The whole room has been sprayed with Ortho Home Defense and I periodically am spraying surfaces with ant spray.  That seems to work for about 20 minutes at a time.  But I keep feeling them crawling on me (even when they aren’t)!  How can I work when I’m being crawled upon!?!  Pot often says the same thing, but she is generally referring to her 3 year old daughter, which is infinitely less creepy and gross.

[Takes deep breath]

So no, this wasn’t intended to be a post about ants (though I confess the ants have nigh on driven whatever I was going to post about out of my head).  I wanted to give an update about my writing schedule.  I have been on the full-time 8-5 schedule for the new job for just over 2 weeks, and I am finally adjusting over to waking up at 7 (which still feels like the crack of dawn to me).   And the good news is that I’m mostly getting a bit of writing done in the morning.  Not always a lot.  Maybe only 50 words or so.  But on the days when I sort of mapped out what I wanted to do the night before, I’m able to get up and write a couple hundred words before work.  Then I can add to it at lunch.  And then I email it to myself so that I can add a line here and there during downtime at work.  So often I have met, or nearly met, my daily word goal by the time I get home.  Does this mean I then spend the rest of the night paying 100% attention to dear hubby.  Um, no.  It means I tend to get 700-1300 words a day written without ignoring him all night.  This morning I churned out 437 words in the 45 minutes before I left for work.  Woo!  My boss is at a conference, my coworker is out to get her wisdom teeth out, and the stuff I have to do in the meantime will not take up all my time today.  Which means that I can do some more extensive writing at work today!  Woo hoo!  That is, if I can ever get away from these bloody ants!

One thought on “The Ants Go Marching In…No Wait…

  1. You’ve been doing a fantastic job. You’re so focused and you’re getting so much done despite the other stuff going on. You’re one of those people who makes it impossible for others (who me?) to make viable excuses.

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