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Okay yeah so I know I was supposed to be working on Flash Point research and stuff, but since I wrote that little blurb I mentioned this morning about the kid who found a ring with his grandfather’s metal detector–and it was still attached to a hand–his story has been gnawing at me.  And it’s bloomed over the course of the day into a whole story.  Or at least a pretty good partially muscled skeleton of a story that uses some ideas I’ve had on the backburner for a while.  So for the moment I’m going to run with it.  It’s called Til Death Do Us Part.

I’m not ditching Flash Point, but I think it needs more in depth research than I have time for just now.  It’s a story I feel strongly about, and I want to do it justice.  So I will continue to do research and let it simmer for a while until it comes more together.  And in the meantime, I’ll go full steam ahead with TDDUP.

So today’s progress:

TDDUP: 511 + 4 pages of notes

Daily Goal: Met

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  1. I just had this experience this past week as well. I had written ten pages of Majera’s story and was not feeling it meshing very well when a flicker of idea made me freewrite ten pages of something captivating, so I’m running with it, too. Good luck! Your premise sounds promising.

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