Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 1100

Daily Goal: Met

Weekly Total: 7593

Weekly Goal: Met

And we’ve had a more thorough introduction to our ghost. And I remembered to go back and write in the dog. There’s always a dog in my books. This one is an American Mastiff named Moose. He’s fun! Tomorrow we’ll continue this same scene and see Wyatt try to find out about whether anybody ought to be in this part of the house without alarming Marin or looking unmanly and freaked out. Should be fun!

Meanwhile we have established that I don’t like outlining.  What I started with and euphemistically referred to as  an outline for Til Death is not quite what normal people would call an outline.  I had a pretty good idea of the first couple of chapters and then just the big points of the rest of the book.  I hit a few snags during this first week of the challenge because I didn’t plan things out well enough.  So I’ve decided that each week I will map out the scenes I need to write for the rest of the week.  It’s mini-outlining.  Small doses of organization of plot I can handle.  I’ve got all my scenes for this next week planned out.  I’ll keep you posted on how well it works.

3 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Way to go on meeting your word count. I haven’t quite hit my word count, but if I count research time, I’ve been making progress. A mastiff named Moose sounds like a sweetheart 🙂

  2. Nice. I like the fact that the dog’s name is Moose. Sorry that the outlining hasn’t gone as smoothly as you would probably want. Best of luck. Keep going!

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