A Picture Is Worth 1184 Words…

Imagine what I can do with two!

Okay so Pot often likes to find pictures of people that represent how she envisions her characters. Joely did it for her Letters To An English Professor with a lovely montage of Clive Owen. Well I’m jumping on the bandwagon with my favorite eye candy–Gerry Butler. This is how I envision Wyatt.  I mean God, look at those eyes!

So yeah, daily total: 1184.  Daily goal: Met

I finished Chapter Three.  Tomorrow we meet all the various “suitors” of whom Wyatt will be jealous.  One is the killer.  One is a saboteur.  One is actually interested in Marin’s best friend Tate.  And one is a red herring.

2 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth 1184 Words…

  1. Excellent work! I must admit that Gerry has never done much for me. Oh, I appreciate him, definitely (like in 300), but I’ve never used him for hero material. Clive… Oh dear. I’ve used him several times, even for villains.

  2. Okay Joely, I have to confess, at least half of it is the accent. Scots accents make me absofreakinglutely weak in the knees (which is a damn good reason for my husband to have perfected one IMO). But the eyes. I love his eyes… And 300…

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