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Daily Goal: Met

Today went fairly well. We got Wyatt’s Nanna’s memories on what happened that day twenty years ago when he found the body of the first victim. I got to incorporate–with some tweaks–an existing “conversation” with our ghost. And I got to prowl around in the killer’s head a while, which was an altogether icky experience. Usually is. I know what comes next as a scene, but I think about about to crash. In the morning I need to adapt another scene from the previous draft. I think it will mostly have to be new though. The character now knows more than she did in the previous draft. Then we have sleepwalking on Wyatt’s part (not sure how that’s going to turn out in this draft since it happened earlier in the previous version and he and Marin were much more antagonistic at that point), then brother Carter shows up (must figure out what actually happens while he’s there), and THEN at long long last, we finally get to the first love scene. I’ve been waiting for this since I dreamed Wyatt up. What can I say, he’s sexy as all get out. I had them almost sleeping together a helluva lot sooner in the previous draft than I planned, and that’s part of what sent me off on a quest for a revised plot. After that it’s relatively uncharted territory. Woo! I’m saying woo because if I don’t I’ll put my hands over my eyes and try to hide. I have to write 1354 words a day for the next 10 days to catch up with my overall Sweat goal.  And you know what?  I think I can do it.

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