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I actually spent all day doing a beta read for Pot on West of the Moon, the project she was working on for a large chunk of last year. She laid it aside near the end several months ago and we both walked away from it for several months. I’m not sure what prompted her to pick it up this week, but since she did, I spent today rereading it from the beginning.

Dude, it was freaking awesome! I mean there are rough spots and red-lined plot points that need clarifying and–well that whole issue of an ending, but it’s GREAT! I now have license to mercilessly prod her to get back into writing. Because, you see, she was evil and left off at a particularly emotional moment.

Anyway, my head has been immersed in Alex and Matt all day, so by the time I sat down to work on my own love scene my head just wasn’t WITH Marin and Wyatt. I did, however, cut and paste into a new file all the romantic/kissing/sexual tension sorts of scenes in TD that document the evolution of their relationship to both refresh my memory and ascertain whether a love scene was well and truly supported at this point in the story. I have to say, it was nice having that little abridged version–it was like having all the best parts in a row! And it also really enabled me to see kind of how it builds. I think a love scene is warranted where I am, I just have to decide how to play it. So that’s my plan for first thing in the morning. I’ll probably wake up earlier than I want, so hopefully I’ll wake up ready to go with it.

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