Stubborn Villains

I’m having a fight with my villain at the moment.

It’s one of those circumstances where I know his goal, his motivation, and his conflict.  I know everything he does for the entire story and why he does it.  I know the fall out and consequences from all those actions.

But the bloody, stubborn man is not TALKING TO ME.

I know what he does, but I don’t know what he’s like.  I don’t have a sense of his personality at all.  I know he’s smart (he has to be in order to pull off framing the pack alpha for murder), but how does that translate?  Is he overtly intelligent, or does he let people think he’s just the hired muscle?

Pot suggested that I cast someone in the role for personality (not necessarily face), so I’ve been racking my brain this morning for TV and movie villains to try out for the part.  I haven’t come up with anything.  Our DVD collection lends itself mostly to romantic comedies and action flicks, so no Machiavellian sorts of villains to choose from.  I’m totally blanking on TV villains.  C.J. suggested Ben from Lost, which I haven’t seen.  I haven’t been able to talk DH into renting it yet.

So I am open to suggestions!  Give me some villains to think about folks!

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