Gorp for the Peanut Wary

Peanuts and pistachios are getting a bad name in the news just now, so with an upcoming road trip, I decided to go for a new kind of trail mix to stave off the highway munchies.


  • 1 box wheat Chex (the smallest size)
  • 1 can cashews (not a nut, actually a seed)
  • 1 box Golden sultana raisins
  • 1 bag Reeces peanut butter chips or milk chocolate chips
  • 1 box granola cereal (smallest size)


Dump everything together in a giant bowl (you may need two) and mix well.  Store in plastic bags or tupperware.  This recipe makes a HUGE amount.  To prevent overeating, I recommend packaging in snack sized bags.  This also makes a fantastic topping for yogurt or ice cream.  It worked out to 21 snack bag servings at 384 calories and 16.6 grams of fat apiece.

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