Kevin Barry’s Pub: Savannah, GA

Well, it’s been a week since we left for Savannah, and I have to say I’m sad to be home.  This time last week we were on our way to the Garden City looking forward to a night at the pub on River Street.  Now, we’d never been to Savannah before, so we picked our pub from a list here.  I picked Kevin Barry’s because they provide live Irish music 7 nights a week and they had fish and chips.  My husband and I are pubophiles (yeah I’m making that word up–but we miss the pubs from when I lived in Scotland), and as there is no such beast where we live, we’d been looking forward to this for a couple of months.

We arrived around 8:45 on Friday night expecting things to be as hopping inside as they were on the ridiculously crowded River Street.  Stepping through the door was like entering another world.  It was dim, dark, and quiet but for the single voice serenading the patrons from another room.  There’s a reasonable $2 a head cover before you’re ushered into the second room with all the tables and the stage.  We ordered a pitcher of Strongbow, the fish and chips, and settled in to be entertained by the vocal stylings of award winning indie/folk musician Frank Emerson (originally of southern Ireland).  Frank is highly entertaining, with a beautiful voice and a gift with limericks (which flowed more freely toward the end of the night after he’d had a few).  If you get the chance to hear him, I highly recommend it.

Now the food.  Rather than the more traditional haddock or cod, the fish and chips at Kevin Barry’s is made of tilapia.  It’s lightly breaded and an enormous portion.  Very delicious.  The chips were not at all what I expected.  Rather than the more traditional lengthwise cuts of potato, these were thinly sliced into disks–and they must’ve found mutant potatoes because I swear some of them were 5 inches in diameter.  The chips were battered and fried, which provided amazing flavor, if a bit heavy.  The menu boasted several other pub favorites that I wish I’d had an opportunity to try, but I feel sure that the other options are equally delicious.

Definitely a 2 thumbs up experience.

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