Top Ten Ways To Procrastinate On A Love Scene

I hate writing love scenes.  Despise it.  It’s freaking hard.  So I have a tendency to procrastinate and put them off.  A lot.  So here are my favorite or usual ways to procrastinate.

  1. Do the grocery shopping.  No, it can’t really wait another day.  You really need those porcini mushrooms for the seven course meal you decided to prepare for dinner.
  2. Cook.  As many dishes as will fit in the fridge or freezer.  You’re really saving yourself time later in the week by getting all of this done now.
  3. Laundry.  It’s been piling up all week while you’ve worked on all those other scenes.
  4. Clean the house.  You can’t possibly think about love scenes if there are dog hair dust bunnies rolling across the floor every time the AC kicks on.
  5. Weed the garden.  It’s really important, and it really helps the curb appeal of your property.  Sure, it’s not for sale now, but it might be, and it should always look its best.
  6. Clean out a closet.  You know that one you left off of your massive spring cleaning a few months back?  It’s a good time to actually go through all the crap in there.
  7. Read.  Maybe if you take your mind off of it…
  8. Watch a sappy movie.  Perhaps some visual representation of a love story will get your creative juices flowing.
  9. Whine to your writing partners about how much you really don’t want to write it.

    And the number 10 way to procrastinate on a love scene:
    Snag your husband or significant other for some quality “research”.

One thought on “Top Ten Ways To Procrastinate On A Love Scene

  1. I love writing love scenes, though I tend to get a little more graphic than need be. It is a challenging scene to write, but it’s also an avenue of self-discovery. Think about what you experience as you engage in the act. Separate it into sentences. You can do it. =)

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