Penne With Roasted Garlic and Mozzarella Sausage

We are absolutely in love with the gourmet chicken sausages from Sam’s Club.  Over the weekend we picked up a package of Chicken and Apple and a package of Roasted Garlic and Mozzarella.  Both are awesome.  We look forward to trying the other two varieties.  So far we’ve had them straight up, in calzones, and now we’re making our first foray in to pasta.  Come on, this is me.  You knew this was coming.  It’s been a while since I had an entry for Presto Pasta Nights.  This week it’s being hosted by Sweet Kitchen .   This makes a satisfying dish that fits in with second phase Sonoma or South Beath.  Serves–well probably 3-4 unless you’re us and totally starving, in which case it serves 2.


  • 4 links of roasted garlic and mozzarella chicken sausage (I use the ones from Sam’s), sliced
  • 4 oz. whole wheat penne
  • 1 can fire roasted tomatoes
  • 2 small zucchini, diced
  • 2 cups baby bella mushrooms
  • 3 oz. goat cheese
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


  1. Fill a medium saucepan with water and bring to a boil.
  2. Add the oil to a large skillet and heat over medium.
  3. Add the sausage and zucchini and saute for approximately five minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. As the water comes to a boil, salt it, and add your pasta.  Cook according to package instructions, but leave off 1-2 minutes of the cook time.
  5. Add the mushrooms to the skillet with the sausage and zucchini.  Saute for another 3-5 minutes or until the mushrooms start to get some color and the zucchini begins to soften.
  6. Add the can of tomatoes, undrained.
  7. Drain the pasta and add to the skillet.  Stir to coat with the tomato sauce and simmer.
  8. Add the crumbled goat cheese and stir until melted into the sauce.
  9. Remove from heat and serve!

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8 thoughts on “Penne With Roasted Garlic and Mozzarella Sausage

  1. This is perfect for the crisp fall nights that are just around the corner! Thanks for your submission to Presto Pasta Night and I hope that you will check back on Friday for the roundup.

  2. I love chicken sausages – they come in so many great flavors. Way more exciting than pork sausage. This dish you’ve thrown together looks amazing! So simple and yet so delicious.

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