Novel Push Initiative: Week 1 Update

I cannot sing the praises enough of this batch of NPI participants.  Out of a whole bunch of newbs who were only expected to get 250 words a day, we’ve had truly outstanding wordcounts.  Highest overall count goes to Julie K. (aka Selestial) with a whopping 11,947 words!  Highest single day goes to Francesca with 2465 words.  I am humbled by their output! Between all of us, we churned out a whopping 69,775 words.  That’s more than the total words I had in the rough draft of HiS!

So to review our rating scale:

  1. A “Knock-out” is 0-249 words.
  2. An “Update” is 250-999 words.
  3. A  “Session” is 1,000-1,667 words.
  4. A “Tougher-than-NaNo” is anything greater than 1,667.
  5. An “End of the Book” is when you’ve completed your WIP and typed ‘THE END’.

So how did we do individually? We’ll start with me.

Shooting for 500 words a day I came in at:

Oct 1: 663-Update
Oct 2: 768-Update
Oct 3: 509-Update
Oct 4: 525-Update
Oct 5: 501-Update
Oct 6: 547-Update
Oct 7: 501-Update

Total: 4014 words (not at all bad considering the heinous case of burnout I’ve been fighting this last week)

Merrilee Faber, shooting for 350 words a day:

Oct 1: 708-Update
Oct 2: 0-Knockout
Oct 3: 720-Update
Oct 4: 360-Update
Oct 5: 840-Update
Oct 6: 480-Update
Oct 7: 360-Update

Total: 3540 words

Janette Dalgliesh, shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 1: 1000-Session
Oct 2: 380-Update
Oct 3: 150-Knockout
Oct 4: 500-Update
Oct 5: 300-Update
Oct 6: 396-Update
Oct 7: 300-Update

Total: 3026 words

Francesca Amendolia, shooting for 350 words a day

Oct 1: 1302-Session
Oct 2: 2465-Tougher than NaNo (You rock!)
Oct 3: 590-Update
Oct 4: 363-Update
Oct 5: 352-Update
Oct 6: 379-Update
Oct 7: 402-Update

Total: 5853 words

Rachel Blackbirdsong, shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 1: 370-Update
Oct 2: 510-Update
Oct 3: 117-Knockout
Oct 4: 317-Update
Oct 5: 500-Update
Oct 6: 500-Update
Oct 7: 250-Update

Total: 2564

Julie K. (aka Selestial)

Oct 1: 1370-Session
Oct 2: 1493-Session
Oct 3: 2017-Tougher than NaNo
Oct 4: 2065-Tougher than NaNo
Oct 5: 1602-Session
Oct 6: 1375-Session
Oct 7: 2025-Tougher than NaNo

Total: 11,947 (Holy cow!)

LeaAnn S., shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 1: 1113-Session
Oct 2: 1072-Session
Oct 3: 341-Update
Oct 4: 1106-Session
Oct 5: 1102-Session
Oct 6: 1132-Session
Oct 7: 0-Knockout

Total: 5866

Stace, shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 1: 708-Update
Oct 2: 908-Update
Oct 3: 1358-Session
Oct 4: 310-Update
Oct 5: 860-Update
Oct 6: 252-Update
Oct 7: 487-Update

Total: 4883

Magda Ess (aka SepiaGirl), shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 1: 323-Update
Oct 2: 268-Update
Oct 3: 673-Update
Oct 4: 534-Update
Oct 5: 486-Update
Oct 6: 530-Update
Oct 7: 286-Update

Total: 3100 words

Deniz Bevan, shooting for 250 words a day:

Oct 1: 0-Knockout
Oct 2: 500-Update
Oct 3: 400-Update
Oct 4: 0-Knockout
Oct 5: 350-Update
Oct 6: 249-Knockout
Oct 7: 254-Update

Total: 1753 words

Alecia Burke, shooting for 250 words a day:

Oct 1: 470-Update
Oct 2:  283-Update
Oct 3: 742-Update
Oct 4: 397-Update
Oct 5: 264-Update
Oct 6: 354-Update
Oct 7: 333-Update

Total: 2843 words

Danniele, shooting for 250 words a day:

Oct 1: 256-Update
Oct 2: 550-Update
Oct 3: 710-Update
Oct 4: 0-Knockout
Oct 5: 535-Update
Oct 6: 800-Update
Oct 7: 503-Update

Total: 3354 words

New2WritingGirl, shooting for 250 words a day:

Oct 1: 458-Update
Oct 2: 725-Update
Oct 3: 282-Update
Oct 4: 300-Update
Oct 5: 885-Update
Oct 6: 1484-Session
Oct 7: 1220-Session

Total: 5354 words

Shawn Hansen, shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 1: 331-Update
Oct 2: 832-Update
Oct 3: 579-Update
Oct 4: 901-Update
Oct 5: 373-Update
Oct 6: 403-Update
Oct 7: 760-Update

Total: 4179 words

Naomi, shooting for 250 words a day:

Oct 1: 250-Update
Oct 2: 250-Update
Oct 3: 250-Update
Oct 4: 300-Update
Oct 5: 300-Update
Oct 6: 300-Update
Oct 7: 300-Update

Total: 1950 words

Rene, shooting for 250 words a day:

Oct 1: 293-Update
Oct 2: 852-Update
Oct 3: 399-Update
Oct 4: 629-Update
Oct 5: 0-Knockout
Oct 6: 0-Knockout
Oct 7: 708-Update

Total: 2881 words

Emma D., shooting for 250 words a day:

Oct 1: 264-Update
Oct 2:  279-Update
Oct 3: 318-Update
Oct 4: 289-Update
Oct 5: 258-Update
Oct 6: 251-Update
Oct 7: 288-Update

Total: 1957

Arkansas Cyndi, shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 1: 125-Knockout
Oct 2: Was forced to drop out due to other commitments–we’ll miss you!
Oct 3:
Oct 4:
Oct 5:
Oct 6:
Oct 7:

Total: 125 words

Keri Ford, shooting for 250 words a day (and who is jumping in a bit late due to revisions):

Oct 1: 0-Knockout
Oct 2: 0-Knockout
Oct 3: 0-Knockout
Oct 4: 0-Knockout
Oct 5: 233-Knockout
Oct 6: 500-Update
Oct 7: 107-Knockout

Amie Stuart, shooting for 250 words a day–well she had a really rough week and came in with no words.  But we’re cheering her on for this week!

Total: 840

Great job, folks!

7 thoughts on “Novel Push Initiative: Week 1 Update

  1. Well done everyone. We really rock!! There’s a competitive bit in me that’s going to make me want to beat this week’s score 🙂

  2. Great job everyone!

    I have to admit, I have ulterior motives with my scores. I’m desperately trying to finish the re-write before NaNo starts. I want it DONE and set aside before I delve into a fun new world for the month of November. With that in mind(I’m going to shoot myself for this), I am setting a personal goal of writing “the end” in two weeks. I’m guessing I have between 20-25k left to go, so it’ll be tight if it’s on the high end of that, but I really need the extra push (and the week to think about the new story).

    In case I forget to say it later, I’m going to sing the praises of #NovelPI for a second. I’ve been working on this re-write since the beginning of August and was really struggling with it. When I did #NovelPI last month, it was just in hopes of getting words. I didn’t really have any thought other than that. It would FORCE me to get words. Once it was over though, I found myself a little sad. Even though I didn’t get consistent numbers then, I liked the energy of writing every day. When Kait said she was doing it again this month, I jumped at it.

    To put this in perspective, before last month’s #NovelPI , I had 10484 words done. Those words took me almost a month. Since then, I’ve written every day. Some early days in September, I barely made over my 250, but I wrote every day. And it started to make a big difference. Since the beginning of the September #NovelPI, I’ve written 43025 words.

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that the pros are right. If you make it a habit to write a page every day (that’s about what 250 words works out to be), it’ll become easier and easier to write those words.

    So don’t give up. Don’t quit on this. And once it’s over, even if you aren’t doing NaNoWriMo, keep going! It can really make a difference in your writing output.

    Thanks, Kait and Merrilee! You two definitely gave me the “push” I needed 😀

  3. Great job everybody! I know NPI has made a HUGE difference in my output, and I can see it’s working for you all too! Woot!

  4. Great work everyone! I totally bummed out yesterday (October 8) and got no words… so 500 for me today! But on October 7 I got 254! I had 241 but forced myself to write another sentence

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