Thoughtless Thursday: Baby Back Ribs

I got home from work today to find my husband practically salivating over the contents of the crock pot.

“I don’t know what you did to these ribs, but oh my God, I’ve been drooling for the last hour.”

He looked at me expectantly, waiting for the big reveal.

I am sorry to tell all of you that the Super Secret Preparation for Baby Back Ribs is none other than…opening up the freezer and dumping them out of the package, setting the timer for 4 hours on high.  They were preseasoned, and I was in a hurry to throw something together for dinner and they were there…

I know, total cop out for a Thoughtless Thursday post, but it’s midterms and I’m having a really rough week.

But, I will say that clearly you can do ribs in the crock pot with marvelous results.  The bones literally fell off as I pulled them out of the crock pot.  Don’t they look lovely?  They really were.

I will do my utmost to come back next week with something fabulous for you.

One thought on “Thoughtless Thursday: Baby Back Ribs

  1. If people think my recipes are more complicated than they actually are I have no problem letting them continue to think that. 🙂 I do love me some ribs.

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