Novel Push Initiative: Week 2 Report

Okay I’m a few days late writing this up.  I had to chase down a few last words and have been very busy.  I am sad to say we’ve lost a few more folks to revisions, plotting, and the dreaded H1N1.  Still there was butt kickage on the words this week.  Daily and weekly high goes to Julie K. who put out 2489 for her high day and a whopping 11986 for the week.  You go girl!  And for the rest of us.

Me:  I bumped my daily word count goal back to 350 words after a nasty bout with hives last week.

Oct 8: 500-Update
Oct 9: 543-Update
Oct 10: mental health day
Oct 11: 269-Knockout
Oct 12: 610-Update
Oct 13: 504-Update
Oct 14: 359-Update

Total: 2785 words

Merrilee Faber-Shooting for 350 words a day

Oct 8: 600-Update
Oct 9: 600-Update
Oct 10: 500-Update
Oct 11: 2000-Tougher than Nano
Oct 12: 900-Update
Oct 13: 500-Update
Oct 14: 680-Update

Total: 5780

Merrilee is dropping out to do some serious plotting.  Which is fine.  No reason to waste time going off in the wrong direction.

Janette Dalgliesh, shooting for 250 words

Oct 8: 300-Update
Oct 9: 500-Update
Oct 10: 0-Knockout
Oct 11:500-Update
Oct 12: 303-Update
Oct 13: 380-Update
Oct 14: 300-Update

Total: 2283

Francesca, shooting for 350 words a day

Oct 8: 398-Update
Oct 9: 378-Update
Oct 10: 384-Update
Oct 11: 421-Update
Oct 12: 497-Update
Oct 13: 589-Update
Oct 14: 431-Update

Total: 3098

Blackbirdsong, shooting for 250 words

Oct 8: 832-Update
Oct 9: 823-Update
Oct 10: 500-Update
Oct 11:500-Update
Oct 12: 615-Update
Oct 13: 615-Update
Oct 14:615-Update

Total: 4500

Julie K., shooting for 350 words

Oct 8: 1462-Session
Oct 9: 1553-Tougher than NaNo
Oct 10: 1666-Session
Oct 11: 1738-Tougher than NaNo
Oct 12: 1882-Tougher than NaNo
Oct 13: 1196-Session
Oct 14: 2489-Tougher than NaNo

Total: 11986

Sadly, Julie is bowing out to do revisions.

LeaAnn S., shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 8: 0-Knockout
Oct 9: 1226-Session
Oct 10: 442-Update
Oct 11:0-Knockout
Oct 12: 333-Update
Oct 13: 0-Knockout
Oct 14: 0-Knockout

Total: 2001

LeaAnn has H1N1, so we’re all sending her get well soon vibes and prayers.  Feel better!  She may be joining us for the last week if she’s well enought.

Stace, shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 8: 280
Oct 9: 523-Update
Oct 10: 409-Update
Oct 11: 315-Update
Oct 12: 357-Update
Oct 13: 356-Update
Oct 14: 0-Knockout

Total: 2240

Magda Ess, shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 8: 311-Update
Oct 9: 458-Update
Oct 10: 438-Update
Oct 11: unknown
Oct 12: 620-Update
Oct 13: 917-Session
Oct 14:470-Update

Total: 3214

Deniz Bevan, shooting for 250 words a day (who misunderstood the rules of the challenge that you can’t use overage from one day to count for a no writing day)

Oct 8: 0-Knockout
Oct 9: 0-Knockout
Oct 10: 500-Update
Oct 11: 750-Update
Oct 12: 0-Knockout
Oct 13: 0-Knockout
Oct 14: 500-Update

Total: 1750

Alecia Burke

Oct 8: 254-Update
Oct 9: 495-Update
Oct 10: 277-Update
Oct 11:252-Update
Oct 12: 455-Update
Oct 13: 1010-Session
Oct 14: 1308-Session

Total: 4051

Danniele, shooting for 250 words

Oct 8: 0-Knockout
Oct 9: 0-Knockout
Oct 10: 253-Update
Oct 11: 357-Update
Oct 12: 510-Update
Oct 13: 0-Knockout
Oct 14:0-Knockout

Total 1120

Newtowritinggirl, shooting for 250 words

Oct 8: 1506-Session
Oct 9: 723-Update
Oct 10: 467-Update
Oct 11: 407-Update
Oct 12: 1293-Session
Oct 13: 664-Update
Oct 14:1512-Session

Total: 6572

Shawn Hansen, shooting for 250 words a day

Oct 8: 1632-Session
Oct 9: 347-Update
Oct 10: 727-Update
Oct 11:606–Update
Oct 12: 401-Update
Oct 13: 1147-Session
Oct 14: 808-Update

Total: 5668

Naomi, shooting for 250 words

Oct 8: 300-Update
Oct 9: 300-Update
Oct 10: 300-Update
Oct 11: 250-Update
Oct 12: 250-Update
Oct 13: 250-Update
Oct 14: 250-Update

Total: 1900

Rene, shooting for 250 words

Oct 8: 459-Update
Oct 9: 667-Update
Oct 10: 128-Knockout
Oct 11:0-Knockout
Oct 12: 865-Update
Oct 13: 695-Update
Oct 14: 996-Session

Total: 3810

Emma D., shooting for 250 words

Oct 8: 256-Update
Oct 9: 262-Update
Oct 10: 288-Update
Oct 11:309-Update
Oct 12: 258-Update
Oct 13: 224-Knockout
Oct 14:224-Knockout

Total: 1819

Keri Ford, shooting for 250 words

Oct 8: 231-Knockout
Oct 9: 314-Update
Oct 10: 610-Update
Oct 11:202-Knockout
Oct 12: 347-Update
Oct 13: 234-Update
Oct 14: 267-Update

Total: 2205

And finally we have lost Amie Stuart to plotting as well.

Grand total, we produced a total of 66,782 words this week!  For the challenge so far, we’re up to 136,798 words.  That’s a lot!

3 thoughts on “Novel Push Initiative: Week 2 Report

  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in and congratulate all of you on another solid week 😀

    As Kait mentioned, I’m bowing out. I’m still working on the same project, but I’ve reached a point where I’m keeping a lot of what I had originally (time-crunch hit and I still had too many chapters left). I am probably still clocking in my new words per day, but it’s almost impossible to measure, so I thought it was best to just bow out. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to still stop by and see how the rest of you do for the last two weeks. It’s been a lot of fun!

    LeAnn, I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Congrats to everyone who’s doing so well! Yes indeedy, I did misunderstand, so as of today I’m trying to be good, be very very good. 360 words tonight! (still doing longhand, so that’s a guess; I started a new notebook and seem to do about 12 words per line, with 30-32 lines per page)

  3. Wow, we’re doing so well. Keep up the good work guys! This is the push I needed today to get my pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard!).

    LeaAnn I hope you feel better soon and are able to join in again soon!

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