First REAL Motorcycle Lesson

I feel like we’ve played musical motorcycles this year.  We started out this summer trading my husband’s old CJ7 for a 1977 Honda CB550, which ran great when we got it and then stopped.  While we were gathering parts and trying to diagnose that, my mother in law gave me her Kawasaki Vulcan when she got a new motorcycle.  My first sort of lesson was on that, but it didn’t get very far.  Too many dogs in the neighborhood and I was too intimidated by that bike.  A 750 is really too big to learn on.   So we sold it and bought a 1979 BMW R65, which I love.  Being old, it needs replacement brake cables.  We’re still waiting on the last one.  In the meantime, my husband traded the Honda CB550 and all the parts we had for a Honda 250.  And THAT is what I had my first PROPER lesson on today.

It went beautifully!  I made it all the way up to 4th gear, curves, and almsot 50 miles per hour!  Steady as a rock.  Shit eating grin the whole time.  Well, except for the curves.  Those still make me nervous.  But hubby took lots of video and pictures. I’m very proud of myself.

2 thoughts on “First REAL Motorcycle Lesson

  1. Cool videos Kait!
    Guess what? 404 words tonight – and I know the exact number cos I typed them! My second ever typed scene for this story…

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