Inspired By Theme

You know how you hit that point of the work day when it’s pointless for you to even be sitting at your desk because you’ve got the attention span of a gnat on crack, and all you can think about is chocolate, alcohol, or your Friday night plans?  (Possibly all of the above.  At ONCE!) […]

Busy Busy!

Sorry so quiet.  We’re still getting this grant out the door and I’ve just found out I may have to pinch hit and take over a class for a colleague who’s having to go out on medical leave for the rest of the semester.  Busy busy! Meanwhile, this video makes me want to high 5 […]

Random Thoughts On Yoga

Since the start of the year, I’ve gotten back into yoga.  I have the New U Yoga and Pilates game for Wii, which I played through and had great success with several years ago.   I’ve certainly done yoga long enough (since college), that I’m quite capable of practicing without a game or instruction, but […]

Three Awesome Things

Because I am in need of some awesome the last couple of weeks, I felt compelled to list three random, awesome things (in no particular order): Superfeet insoles.  I first got introduced to these when I got back into running last year and I cannot express how much of a difference they made.  I recently […]

Tag, I’m It! Eleven Random Questions

I was tagged in the game of Eleven Random Questions by Lauralynn Elliott. The rules are: 1.Answer the questions set by the tagger. In my case, this would be Lauralynn. 2.Create eleven new questions to ask eleven new participants. 3.Share links to those eleven people in your blog and let them know you’ve tagged them. […]

Bedtime Stories

So yesterday in the WIP I was writing a bedtime story.  The heroine has been through a trauma and asks the hero to tell her a story like he did when they were little.  It’s more to show something about their relationship and long history than about the story, but I got carried away.  I […]

Writing, Capri Pants, and Houses, Oh My

Well after yesterday’s sucky all day migraine, I wound up churning out 1623 words during sprints with Claire, who, incidentally, also finished her EPIC BATTLE SCENE that concludes ACT I.  We are both rock stars and have earned a synchronized viewing of Serendipity, with large bowls of popcorn, at our earliest convenience.  There will probably […]

A Jeans Rant

To the jeans manufacturers directly responsible for EVERYBODY in Walmart, Kroger, and our Asian market knowing that I was wearing blue undies with BUTTERFLIES this morning…YOU SUCK.  To everyone who let me walk around all morning WITHOUT telling me that I had a GAPING HOLE in the butt of my jeans…YOU ALSO SUCK.  If my […]

Order Out of Chaos

I have actually been trying to get this blog post written since 8:30 this morning.  :checks clock:  You see how well that’s going.  Juggling work, meetings, internet outages.  I’m finally sitting down with a much needed cuppa tea.  It’s a much needed boost to get through the snooze that is the afternoon here. I’ve been […]

Productive Exhaustion

I sat down.  I really probably shouldn’t have done that because I’m almost positive there’s no way I’m getting up again.  Not for a while anyway.  I am exhausted.  I woke up at 8:30 this morning, determined to take advantage of the quiet and make up for not writing for the last 2 days.  I […]