Writing, Capri Pants, and Houses, Oh My

Well after yesterday’s sucky all day migraine, I wound up churning out 1623 words during sprints with Claire, who, incidentally, also finished her EPIC BATTLE SCENE that concludes ACT I.  We are both rock stars and have earned a synchronized viewing of Serendipity, with large bowls of popcorn, at our earliest convenience.  There will probably be live tweeting.  LOOK OUT WORLD!

I actually woke up this morning almost EXCITED to get back to my WIP.  Please note, true excitement does not happen before 10 in the morning, not even Christmas Day (sadly, proof that I am a grown up).  I just finished up Chapter 7 and the Midpoint is COMING UP–I am truly excited about that.  It’s going to be EPIC.  Sometime this weekend I should get to The Kiss, which, in itself will be just…OMG (this is way more exciting in YA than adult stuff, I’ve noticed).  Y’all, I actually have A MIDDLE.  I mean obviously, but if you had any idea how HARD I used to find the middle, you’d understand what this MEANS. I’m a reformed pantser, yo?

And, um…it’s looking like now it might be longer than 85k too…like closer to 95-100k.  o.O  I don’t know.  Maybe the second half will wind up having shorter scenes.  Maybe not.  I’m just writing the darn book and it will be what it will be.  I don’t feel like there’s a lot of needless fluff or unnecessary info.  It’s just winding up as…MORE than I originally expected.  Everything about this book is MORE for me.  I just hope I do it justice.

In other, I want to do a conga line news, I am down THREE WHOLE POUNDS, which officially tips beyond the “Oh it’s probably just water weight” threshold into actual progress.  YEEHA!  Six pounds to go to reach last year’s low and fit back into the Capri pants!

Tonight I shall be making Adorable House Cookies for tomorrow’s Open House.  I readily confess I’m cheating and bought a mix for the cookies and premade icing.  Making iced decorative cookies takes a crazy amount of time I really don’t have, and sweets baking is not really my area, so we’re working with what we’ve got.  We dropped the price on the house by about $1600 to get down into the next tens, and the showings have picked back up.  REALLY hoping that something gives by the end of the month so that we can get this moving show ON THE ROAD (and I can stop being so neurotic about the dog hair and cleanliness of the house).

Boss is back from D.C. today, so I must go scramble and play catch up.

13 thoughts on “Writing, Capri Pants, and Houses, Oh My

  1. Congrats on the weight loss! 😀

    As a thought, if you’re taking hormones, I know from experience that those can balloon you a full size or two.

    Ulgh, migraines are fun. I started getting those recently. I’ve found that donning sunglasses when my eyes or head start bothering me can stave them off, but I also have to avoid food triggers, like red wine. *pouts*

      1. Have you tried taking quercetin? It’s a natural antihistamine that can help a lot with allergies. Naturally in black tea and onions, for example. It tends to work best about 24 hours after taking it, in my experience.

  2. I can feel the excitement just through your words on the computer. That story is moving right along!

    And the weight loss…awesome!

    I know the house thing is both exciting and scary. I love the idea of the little house cookies. Sometimes buyers are impressed by little things. Hey, it can’t hurt!

  3. Yay for writing more than expected! I thought my novel would be about 80,000 words, but its seaming like it’ll be closer to 100000 as well. That’s okay! As long as it’s true to your vision. Also, congrats on the weight loss, that always feels crazy good!

  4. That’s awesome on the writing and exercise regime Kait! Always great to see progress after all the hard work you’ve put into it.

    Houses are tricky things and rarely happen when you expect or in an ideal way. Be patient and I’m sure you will suddenly find yourself surprised and past this.

    Peace 🙂

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