Three Awesome Things

Because I am in need of some awesome the last couple of weeks, I felt compelled to list three random, awesome things (in no particular order):

Superfeet insoles.  I first got introduced to these when I got back into running last year and I cannot express how much of a difference they made.  I recently bought a set for my cowboy boots (my preferred footwear the REST of the time).  I’d had to stop wearing them last year because they were aggravating my lower back.  Popped these new insoles in and boom.  Back to perfectly comfortable.  It’s important to take care of your feet, yo.  My mom’s having to have surgery on hers where they break it and reset it properly.  Nobody wants to do that.

Yasmeen and Archimedes in Meljean Brooks’ Iron Seas series.  I cannot express HOW MUCH I love these characters.  Their story is Heart of Steel, which I recently re-listened to (the narrator Faye Adele is amazing).  There’s a follow up novella, Tethered, also available.  Yasmeen is one of the strongest female characters I know–and it’s not just in her ability to kick ass (though she totally does).  Watching her and Archimedes come together is absolutely one of my favorite descents into the madness that is love I’ve ever read.  The stuff he does to win her, and how well he understands her–that he can give her the gift of letting her be what she is without expecting her to somehow change.  OMG, it’s just wonderful.  All the feels!  I would quite happily read an entire series just about them.  Meljean, let’s do what J.D. Robb did with Eve and Roarke, ‘k?

Agnes Obel.  This was one of those awesome things that came to me via Twitter.  I saw Claire Legrand mention it.  She’d heard it from Victoria Schwab, who’d heard of her from Miriam Weinberg.  Really lovely, moody piano and vocals.

Bonus awesome thing: candy corn and peanuts.  They are the perfect salty/sweet combination.  Every Halloween I am allowed to buy ONE BAG of candy corn, which I mix with peanuts and then divvy up into single serve bags.  Once I wipe those out (always faster than I intend because they are CRACK), that’s it.  No more until next year.

7 thoughts on “Three Awesome Things

  1. Wow…going to try all three of your awesome things! Maybe the bonus one too cause that just sounds yum. (Also, your one bag of candy corn will power fascinates me because it really is CRACK – without the peanuts. Almost afraid to add them.) The song is beautiful. Off to listen to the rest of the album!

    1. I’m pretty good at the willpower not to BUY things (well, food things. I still have no will power not to buy books). It’s once they’re HOME that I lose all self control.

  2. i did not know about ‘Tether’ so i purchased it as soon as I finish the article. I love the Iron seas books so thank you .

    1. Aren’t they awesome? There’s also a follow up novella with Mina and Rhys–Mina and the Invisible City, I think it’s called. I can’t WAIT for the Kracken King!

  3. That’s true about taking care of your feet. I wish I had bought some Chacos when a friend first showed me hers years ago. I balked for so long because of the $100 price tag, but now I have two pairs because your feet are WORTH IT. I might have to get some of those Superfeet insoles for my new tennis shoes and my new boots. I can’t wear sandals all winter long. LOL

    I wish there was sugar free candy corn. Although, it would probably be gross since candy corn is MOSTLY sugar.

    1. Yeah a friend of mine was asking me what flavor candy corn technically is (I had to look it up–marshmallow creme) and all I could think was…um…sugar?

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