Last night was one of those nights where I couldn’t string together a coherent thought. I lost track of how many words I actually wrote. Somewhere between 229 and 261. We kept getting interrupted by phone calls. There was an ENORMOUS apartment fire in town and my husband, a 911 Dispatcher by trade (though he’s […]

Open Letter To Sunsilk

Dear Sunsilk, I loved your company.  You were the ONLY hair care line that had the genius idea to offer us a gel and cream TWIST for curly hair (because the cream is not enough on its own and the gel is too much).  You were the PERFECT curly hair product–and this comes from a […]

iPhone Love

I resisted getting an iPhone for a really long time, despite the fact that hubby had one and loved it.  I never argued that they were cool and had neat features and applications.  My primary reason for resisting was that a) I didn’t want to pay for a data plan while we were paying off […]

In Which There Was A Series of Sonic Booms

I bet you didn’t know that allergies are caused by the gods.  Tricksters in particular.  They’re really entertained by the wheezing, sneezing, runny nosed sprint for the last box of Puffs.   And they were totally hanging out in Mississippi last night, lurking outside the home of our friends, where we went for dinner.  We […]

Productive…Sort Of

This week has been–not as productive as I would like.  I had intentions of getting 1,500 words written on Revelation.  Instead I’ve gotten 131, only 119 of which are staying.  Instead I fully plotted out a book about murder (which, really, was a beneficial form of catharsis this week), came up with broad notion for […]

New Beginnings

How the heck did it get to be March? Apparently I went all weekend without blogging.  My bad.  I was crazy busy ruining my diet with Girl Scout cookies and a cookout, doing laundry out at the in laws’, pricing and purchasing a new dryer, going through the edits of my latest beta reader, grading […]

Types of Writing

Why is it that everyone assumes if you’re good at one type of writing, you can write anything? I was whining to my mother this morning that I really loathe writing grant budget justifications (ugh, the Evil Day Job).  She replied that it should be easy for me with my gift of writing.  Um, no.  […]

I Sucketh

I am a very busy woman, so when my free nights (when hubby has to work or is at band practice) come along, I have to take full advantage of them and write like a maniac.  Last night was just one of those such nights. You know what I did?  I got slightly tipsy on […]

I Heart Guru.com

I’ve been kinda stressing about what to do about my cover art for Forsaken By Shadow.  All the folks I found via deviantart.com were out of my price range, and I really had no good grasp of how to go about finding a student or someone wanting to expand their portfolio and work for cheap.  […]