New Beginnings

How the heck did it get to be March?

Apparently I went all weekend without blogging.  My bad.  I was crazy busy ruining my diet with Girl Scout cookies and a cookout, doing laundry out at the in laws’, pricing and purchasing a new dryer, going through the edits of my latest beta reader, grading a batch of truly horrific midterms, doing yard work, and generally staying off the interwebz.

Today is a new day and a new manuscript.  I finished outlining Revelation last week, and I’m scheduled to start it today.  I’ve set myself a low bar goal of 1,500 words while I feel my way into the voices of these characters.  We’re still in the get to know each other stage.  I have to say how relieved I am to have pulled the plug on First Blood.  I am moving on with my writing life.

Today is also the first day of March’s Novel Push Initiative, which I opted not to participate in this month.  I’ll miss the camaraderie, but I’ve just got a lot going on at work (as usual), and I don’t want the pressure as I first get going on this new piece.  I am also slated to begin prepping the curriculum for my Learning class for fall, so I’d rather be able to work at my own pace, whatever that may be.

I’m getting back on the workout/healthy eating band wagon.  February was a wash with no net loss or gain.  Too many challenges: Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, my birthday (oh the ice cream cake!), and a general cookout with CHEESE DIP (my dietary nemesis).  Hubby has expressed interest in doing the Body for Life program.  I already had the book from college and once I opened it, I remembered why I didn’t like it.  Not only do 6 mini-meals just NOT fit into my schedule, but there’s a lot of emphasis on that myoplex stuff, which a) tastes nasty and b) is prohibitively expensive.  So I wound up ordering The Body Fat Solution, which is supposed to be very similar, but doesn’t rely on supplements.  We’ll see how all that shakes out.  Either way, I’m trying to kick it up a notch in the exercise department to make up for the disappointment that was February.  If anybody REALLY cares about all this boring stuff, you can buddy me on Spark People here.

I’ll stop boring you now and go write the remainder of the budget justification that got dumped on me this morning.

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