Leap Day Check-In

I have been rocking the ROW this month.  No words on Sunday (playing catch up from my trip), 1180 on Monday, and 1285 last night.  I expect to get another 1k or so tonight, depending.  But as of this moment, I’m ending February at 20,688 words, up from 12,249 words in January.  75% increase.  WOOT!  […]

Home Again, Home Again

It’s Friday.  Okay, no it’s really Thursday night as I write this, but by the time you read it, it will be Friday. I’m finally on my way home after a long week on the road for the Evil Day Job.  Between work, I plowed through Divergent and Hourglass (I hated Myra for about 30 […]

Reflections on Forsaken By Shadow

I listened to the audio version of Forsaken By Shadow this week.  It was beyond trippy to hear my words being read by other people.  So amazing.  Tamara McDaniel absolutely nailed Embry.  I almost cried a couple of times (which was the point of those scenes).  There are a few tiny things that have to […]

Taking a Break; It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’m having one of Those Weeks.  You know the ones.  Where everything you write is complete and utter crap and all ideas you have to fix your flagging plot are predictable and dull? I had high hopes of finishing Devil’s Eye over Labor Day, but I just don’t think it’s gonna happen because I’m cutting […]

Bipolar III

*Note: This is not a legitimate diagnostic category in the DSM.  I have invented it for amusement purposes.* It is a well documented fact that writers and artists and creative types tend to suffer from more mental illnesses than the general population.  It’s something that’s always fascinated me–enough that I wrote papers on it in […]

Sunday Summary

I received my first truly awful review.  It’s over at Barnes and Noble.  One star.  Critical of story, voice, believability, the whole shebang.  It seemed pretty obvious that whoever this person was (who naturally hid behind Anonymous) not at all familiar with the paranormal genre and didn’t actually want to read a story geared that […]

Paring Down?

When I started this blog back in 2007 I was freshly graduated with my Master’s degree, working two part-time jobs, writing like a demon, and just starting a relationship with my current crit partner.  In July of that year I traded one of the part-time jobs for my current full-time job, so that I was […]

Incoherence To Clarity: Cutting The Fluff

It all started innocently enough when Pot hopped online yesterday and said “I had some thoughts about why you’re having trouble with Revelation while I was in the shower.”  No doubt she regretted the time suck that innocent comment produced. See, Revelation was originally supposed to be a novella.  I had the whole thing planned […]

Monday Mashup

So in an exciting bit of news (to probably no one but me), my most popular search terms for this blog last week were all either me or writing related.  Usually I have an insane number of hits on my post talking about my opinion of the totally unfair moniker “tramp stamp”, the lower back […]


Let it be known that poison ivy/oak/sumac is a plague upon the earth.  :itch itch:  The origin spots have healed but I’m still trying to clear up the NEW spots.  Sigh. I have fallen off the category best seller list on Amazon.  Which is totally normal when you’re just flirting at the bottom and stats […]