Memorial Monday Madness

In tour news, my final stop is over at Random Musings where I’m talking about signs you might need to unplug from technology.  Thanks for hosting me Christel! I still have reviews stuck out in limbo somewhere.  I’ve been hanging out at 15 for a week and I have no idea why.  Free review copies […]

Let There Be Plot

And the lord God said, “Let there be plot.”  And there was plot.  And it was good. Despite the fact that I had no new words to add to my progress bar, I had an EXTREMELY productive weekend.  I finished plotting out Revelation it its entirety, with the exception of one background detail.  I is […]

Sunday Summary

In touring news, I’m not sure what happened to yesterday’s post on finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  I suspect computer gremlins and will let you know when I hear from my host.  Today, I’m talking making confessions as a total reading spaz over on at Crystal Posey’s place. In more prosaic, personal news, something […]

Sunday Summary

First off, I am hanging out with Cari Quinn, Girl Writer today on my tour talking about the age old question “Where do you get your ideas?”  Stop by and say hi! Second, yesterday I sold 1 copy on Amazon, 1 on Smashwords, and had 2 more people download the sample on Smashwords.  And my […]

In Which I Am An Eedjit

First, I am making a public vow that I will not go off and play with’s newly released Twenty Ten, uber customizable blog theme until I am finished with real writing work.  Second, thank you all for listening to me whine, bitch, and moan about Revelation.  Because I am an idiot.  As I sat […]

Backstory Plot Twists

It is inevitable that every author knows OODLES more about the backstories of their characters than ever makes it on to the printed page.  It seems to vary from author to author whether they actively figure out and detail these backstories before writing.  I myself fall somewhere in the middle.  I don’t need to know […]

Some Books Are Difficult

So after last week’s stellar, back in the groove wordcount, this week hasn’t been going quite so well.   I didn’t get any words yesterday.  In fact, I got negative words, as I axed the 600+ I’d written on Monday because the scene was just BLAH.  I sent it to Pot for a second opinion and […]

Link Love and a New Routine

There are lots of thought provoking articles and posts floating around the internet today.  I was going to comment on them, but then somebody wedged the Flaming Icepick of Death behind my left eye.  So in lieu of scintillating commentary, I’ll just link you. The New Yorker had a really interesting (if rather long) article […]

Off Course?

I have rewritten the beginning of Revelation three times now.  First with the wrong hero.  Then two other versions, which I ultimately combined  to show different things about the hero.  Okay, fine.  He’s starting to talk, I”m cool with that.  Then during a series of writing sprints yesterday afternoon, he totally went off and did […]

The Crack Becomes A Flood

After weeks, months of stressing over Revelation, of worrying because my characters remained distant and uncommunicative–as closed-mouthed as any patient I’ve ever had–I finally had a breakthrough yesterday.  Just a crack in Orrin (my hero).  I figured out a detail about what happened to him in the recent past and what that’s done to his […]