Memorial Monday Madness

In tour news, my final stop is over at Random Musings where I’m talking about signs you might need to unplug from technology.  Thanks for hosting me Christel!

I still have reviews stuck out in limbo somewhere.  I’ve been hanging out at 15 for a week and I have no idea why.  Free review copies of Forsaken By Shadow are still available and the blog contest will remain open until 20 reviews ACTUALLY show up.  Again, if you’re entering the contest, I encourage you to make sure your review went live, and if not, contact Amazon’s tech support.

On an itchy note, I still have poison oak.  FYI, the BEST PRODUCT I’ve found is Ivarest.  Takes for-freaking-ever to dry, but I AM NOT ITCHING.  Praise God.

Today is the final sprint toward my MayNoWriMo goal finish line.  I have 900 words to go, which I need to yank out before 2:45 when I leave to go get the hubby from work.  Would help a LOT if I knew how this next scene was going to go.  We may resort to emo spew just to make the finish line.  It can be edited, right?

The reason I have to finish by 2:45 is because when hubby gets home we are having a Glee-a-thon.  He just introduced me to Glee last night, and we stayed up WAY TOO LATE watching it.  OMFG, I LOVE THIS SHOW!  We did discovered it is not a good thing to watch just before bed because it makes us both hyper.  I was laying in bed reliving my show choir days and trying not to burst into “I Will Survive”.  God, this makes me miss show choir.  The whole thing is hilarious and the music is awesome.  I heart Mercedes.  Girl can WAIL!  This is the kind of show that really emphasizes how awesome it would be if life had a soundtrack.  Like the Once More With Feeling episode of Buffy.  Haven’t you ever just felt like bursting into random song and dance?  I do.  Often.  And maybe that nudges me into the crazy arena…

I’m gonna go write now…

One thought on “Memorial Monday Madness

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot about Glee too, so I put it in our Netflix queue, still waiting. What medium are you using to view the episodes?

    Looking forward to Revelation!

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