Memorial Monday Madness

In tour news, my final stop is over at Random Musings where I’m talking about signs you might need to unplug from technology.  Thanks for hosting me Christel! I still have reviews stuck out in limbo somewhere.  I’ve been hanging out at 15 for a week and I have no idea why.  Free review copies […]

Sunday Summary

In tour news, today I’m being hosted by the fabulous Sharon Gerlach at Writer Unleashed, where I’m talking about the craft books on my keeper shelf. Today is a continuation of the Memorial Day Write-a-Thon (or whatever I called it yesterday).  It’s Sunday morning and I’m up early since I had to take hubby to […]

Memorial Day Write Off

Yawn.  It’s Saturday morning.  I was up at 6:30 to take hubby to work, but I came home and went back to sleep.  Had a lovely morning snuggle with the dogs and now I’m up enjoying a lovely cuppa tea and waiting for my brain to kick in gear. Before I forget, my tour stop […]

Amazon Select Indie Book Index: Good Idea or No?

In tour news, today I am guest blogging over at Babbling About Books and More, talking about the balance between character and plot.  I will post the link as soon as that goes live. So I’ve recently subscribed to a bunch of self-publishing and indie publishing oriented blogs.  It made sense to start keeping tabs […]

Disappearing Amazon Reviews?

In tour news, today I’m over at Everybody Needs A Little Romance talking about Affordable E-Reads. So, I’ve been keeping a close eye on my Amazon reviews in my quest to get to twenty.  Yesterday I had 14, with 2 I KNEW had been posted but hadn’t shown up yet.  This morning I’m at 15, […]

Let There Be Plot

And the lord God said, “Let there be plot.”  And there was plot.  And it was good. Despite the fact that I had no new words to add to my progress bar, I had an EXTREMELY productive weekend.  I finished plotting out Revelation it its entirety, with the exception of one background detail.  I is […]

Sunday Summary

In tour news, today I am hanging out with Kerry Allen talking about how you totally judge a book by its cover and it better be a good one. Yesterday was an epic fail on the writing front.  I did everything under the sun but write.  On the upside, my house is gleaming and after […]


In tour news, today I’m hanging out with Nadia Lee making confessions about being a world building junkie. I wish I could say I had something fascinating to talk about, but the truth is I went to bed at 8:15 last night because I am incredibly lame and tired. I did open up Revelation last […]

Anything Said In Chocolate Must Be True

So I came home early from a truly lousy day at work yesterday to find a mysterious package on my back stoop.  As it was entirely the wrong size and shape to be the new cutting board I ordered, I was quite curious as I cut into it.  Inside was a packing slip with a […]

Sunday Summary

In touring news, I’m not sure what happened to yesterday’s post on finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  I suspect computer gremlins and will let you know when I hear from my host.  Today, I’m talking making confessions as a total reading spaz over on at Crystal Posey’s place. In more prosaic, personal news, something […]