Anything Said In Chocolate Must Be True

So I came home early from a truly lousy day at work yesterday to find a mysterious package on my back stoop.  As it was entirely the wrong size and shape to be the new cutting board I ordered, I was quite curious as I cut into it.  Inside was a packing slip with a note “Cheer the hell up!  Love Pot and Z!” and a bag of my very own personalized M&Ms.

You absolutely gotta love women who recognize when a compatriot needs chocolate STAT and rise to the occasion in such a stupendously awesome manner.  Thanks y’all!!!!!

In tour stuff, I’m talking about how writing short gets you the long end of the stick over at Merrilee Faber’s blog.  And in case you missed it, I’m giving away FREE REVIEW COPIES of Forsaken By Shadow through the month of May in conjunction with my blog contest.

2 thoughts on “Anything Said In Chocolate Must Be True

  1. Seriously. Scholars believe that the Ten Commandments would have been delivered on chocolate, had it not been so darned hot.

    and, you’re most welcome.

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