Disappearing Amazon Reviews?

In tour news, today I’m over at Everybody Needs A Little Romance talking about Affordable E-Reads.

So, I’ve been keeping a close eye on my Amazon reviews in my quest to get to twenty.  Yesterday I had 14, with 2 I KNEW had been posted but hadn’t shown up yet.  This morning I’m at 15, yet there are two new ones up, one from the 2 I was waiting on, one not.  So…one of my reviews disappeared.  Because I don’t have screenshots, I don’t know which one has disappeared, nor can I fathom WHY because there was nothing objectionable in any of the reviews that would have broken any of Amazon’s rules.

Pot was mentioning that she thinks if anybody clicks “Report this”, Amazon just removes stuff without looking at it.  Well that’s just lame!  What if somebody accidentally clicked it?  I accidentally click stuff all the time.  So, in any event, if you left me a review on Amazon, you might swing by and check to see if it was yours that went away.  If it was, let me know.  I still want to make sure I have accurate entries for the Amazon gift card drawing.

I’m so close!  I’m at 15 (to be 16 whenever the other one I know got posted shows up).  There’s still 6 days left in May.  I totally believe I can get to twenty!  Remember you can get a FREE review copy of Forsaken By Shadow if you’d like to review and enter the contest.

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